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LennyLamb LennyPreschool

Linda’s view: I was very excited to try this carrier, although my babywearing times with Helenka are long gone - nowadays, she only wants to be worn when she wants to cuddle for a short time or is jealous about her baby brother being worn. But we could not miss this opportunity to test [...]

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Babywearing 101, vol. 4: Babywearing in Summer

Here we go again - as Jana pointed out recently: "Have you noticed that there are not 4 seasons in the babywearing groups, but only 2? Every one tries to figure out how to dress the wearie in hot weather from March to August. And from August to March, there are several questions about [...]

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Jožánek Babywearing Cardigan Renata (Radka)

Linda’s View: Again, we have some unfinished business here – this time, from the category of babywearing clothes. It is a babywearing cardigan Jožánek, which I was wearing for the whole winter last year. Thus the testing was really thorough. Jožánek is a Czech company, founded more than 10 years ago by a mum [...]

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Pabelle Slings Makia Ivory

Composition: 48 % merino, 52 % cotton Weight: 310 g/m² according to the manufacturer, 287 g/m² counted by us Size: long 5 (443 cm post-wash, measured by us) Back wrap cross carry/Tibetian knotless finish Experienced Facebook wrap maniacs have certainly already come across the Polish brand Pabelle - at least, [...]

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In Tatras with Lenka

As some of you probably noticed on our Instagram, Lenka and I went on holiday last week. However, we did not go together – each of us chose a different location :) My husband, Helenka and I went to the Tatras, more specifically near Štrbské pleso, while Lenka went to the Jeseníky Mountains [...]

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Loktu She Navis Ahoy and Amphitrite review

Navis Ahoy Composition: 100 % combed cotton Weight: 330 g/m² (according to the manufacturer), 332 g/m² (counted by us) Size: 6 Lenka: Back wrap cross carry with chestbelt (and something between Tibetian and freestyle finish) Lindaˈs View: We have promised you to release the review of ˈboatsˈfirst, so read the superlatives in our very [...]

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Oscha Starry Night Nebula review

Composition: 56 % organic combed cotton, 22 % wild silk, 22 % cottonWeight: c. 268 g/m2Reinforced front wrap cross carryLenkaˈs View:In the babywearing world, Oscha is a well-known and well-established brand with age-old tradition. It is broadly recognized that they simply cannot release a bad wrap. Those Scots are just good at what [...]

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Be Lenka 4ever

Full wrap conversion carrier, 100% cotton The manufacturer states it is suitable from 5 kg to c. 2,5 years Lindaˈs View: Lenka, that is a brand of high-quality carriers from Slovakia. Mrs Lenka herself, who is responsible for the carriers, is a remarkable woman. However, I would like to talk about the carrier mainly, [...]

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How did babywearing with Helenka begin

I would like to describe how it happened that I became a wearer of my Helenka. The description will be quite extensive as I would like to remember everything as it happened. Indeed, I found out that the capacity of my brain is limited and that I tend to forget recent events (I blame [...]

By |2018-08-03T16:14:41+02:00August 2nd, 2018|About Babywearing|3 Comments
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