Composition: 56 % organic combed cotton, 22 % wild silk, 22 % cotton

Weight: c. 268 g/m2

Reinforced front wrap cross carry

Lenkaˈs View:

In the babywearing world, Oscha is a well-known and well-established brand with age-old tradition. It is broadly recognized that they simply cannot release a bad wrap. Those Scots are just good at what they do, especially when they work with silk. Moreover, Starry Night is one of their most classic patterns, resembling the real starry night – at first glance, one could say lurex is one of the blends (it is certainly not, it is really just woven pattern!).

Nebula is one of the wraps you cannot go wrong with. A tender, smooth marshmallow suitable for the smallest babies as well as for heavier toddlers (despite its relatively low weight). Writing about an Oscha wrap that it easily tightens, slips ideally and holds in the carry is almost pointless – those attributes are essentially given to all the wraps in their Scottish homeland by wrap-fairies.

There are two tiny flaws to be found on Nebula – the reverse side is too much ˈreverseˈ in my opinion (or more precisely, I do not like wraps with a true reverse side, but it is certainly a matter of taste), and because of silk, the care is more demanding (we all know the backache which comes after hand washing in a bathtub).

Wrapped baby – Emilka, 10 months old/7,5 kg

Lindaˈs View:

Oscha … Possibly, each person is in love with one of their pattern at least. Take Middle Earth collection, for example – oh my god!

However, we tested this blue beauty. Her sister Bordeaux came to me roughly 6 months ago in size 4. Well, I do not really get on well with short wraps, which is why I tried Front wrap cross carry tied under bum twice perhaps, and that was it.

The more I looked forward to try stars in ˈnormalˈ size. The pattern really looks like gleaming (as Lenka already mentioned above) – in fact, it is really unbelievable and I do not understand how the designers managed to achieve this impression, because it looks so ordinary from close up. Hereby, I would like to pay Oscha a grand compliment.

The wrap is thin, pleasant, good to work with. I would recomment it for smaller babies, the weight limit is 9 kilograms in my opinion – of course, it depends on how sensitive your shoulders are. Mine are very sensitive, unfortunately, and it was not a great pleasure to carry my one-year-old.

Wrapped baby – Helenka, 1 year old / 9,4 kg, 73 cm

Our thanks go to Zuzka M. who lended us the wrap.