Composition: 48 % merino, 52 % cotton

Weight: 310 g/m² according to the manufacturer, 287 g/m² counted by us

Size: long 5 (443 cm post-wash, measured by us)

Back wrap cross carry/Tibetian knotless finish

Experienced Facebook wrap maniacs have certainly already come across the Polish brand Pabelle – at least, their cute Llama pattern or elegant Makia with little branches which can be found in their logo as well. Pabelle is not a large-scale producer of wraps for sure; they have released about 15 to 20 wraps since the first release in July 2017 (I am not sure about the exact number, but not all of their wraps are on Slingofest and I am too lazy to go through their whole FB page). You will not find any pattern experiments (except maybe, let’s be honest, the not very popular ˈBlurˈ pattern); on the other hand, it is obvious that Pabelle designers are not afraid of blends – the all-cotton wraps are in minority and you can find different kinds of silk, merino or bamboo in most of the wraps. The weight is mostly ˈtoddler-worthyˈ, i.e. over 280 g/m² (actually, the weight of some pieces is almost 400). This time, we had the opportunity to test this merino beauty, Makia Ivory.

I have to admit that I am starting to like these ˈfadedˈ colours under Linda’s influence. 😀 I am serious, in my opinion, Makia is beautiful and tender thanks to its pattern and colour combination of beige and even more beige. I can, quite vividly, imagine a romantic bride wearing it in the midst of autumn leaves or snow. It is not a summer piece for sure, mainly because of all the merino it contains; on the other hand, it is very warm and perfect for the autumn haze and sleet.

Concerning its tying properties, I had the honour (well, to be frank, more dishonour 😀 ) to break in this particular wrap; however, it was truly a piece of cake! Even after the first laundering it was already quite soft and amiable, and after wearing it a couple of times it has become the real woolen cuddly sweetheart. To be honest, the tying is not that easy. Mainly at first when it is brand new – it could be a bit tough especially for beginners because the wrap is a bit more slippery than I would like and consider ideal. However, this is a property of quite a lot of wraps that contain such an amount of merino, so I do not want to be too harsh on Makia. 😉 Otherwise, I had no problems tightening it and it held fine in the carry in two knots or an M-size ring. It felt very pleasant on my shoulders, with the merino being slightly elastic and we enjoyed wearing it with Emilka every time. And it does not bite! Hallelujah, a merino wrap that does not bite!!! Moreover, thanks to its relatively dense twill it seems not prone to pulls, which is a big plus, mainly in case of a woolen wrap.

So, if you are looking for an elegant woolen piece for winter, Makia Ivory would be a great choice!

We hereby want to thank dear Julia from Pabelle for the opportunity to test the wrap!