Navis Ahoy

Composition: 100 % combed cotton

Weight: 330 g/m² (according to the manufacturer), 332 g/m² (counted by us)

Size: 6

Lenka: Back wrap cross carry with chestbelt (and something between Tibetian and freestyle finish)

Lindaˈs View:

We have promised you to release the review of ˈboatsˈfirst, so read the superlatives in our very first story. Well, there will be no teasing – it is just LOVE! I must say that I liked the pattern of boats since the first time I saw it on Facebook. It is not exactly wild, however, these naval patterns are immortal and very popular at least in summer: rudders, boats, sailboats and anchors are simply kind of summer evergreen in the fashion world, as well as in the babywearing one. Letˈs face it – both of these worlds interfere and complement each other.

Well, minimalistic pattern in moderate colours is simply a safe bet – personally, I do not know anybody who would not like this pattern, even though the level of enthusiasm differs, of course. For me, the wrap scored five out of ten. I was more impressed by the greenish-pink boats. However, when I unwrapped the package sent by Loktu She, I was very surprised – the wrap was dense, but yet very airy and soft. I did not expect that.

Unfortunately, I found a little stain on the wrap and because I was afraid that I had caused it, I threw it directly into the washing machine (I am a smart girl, ainˈt I? J). Well … the poor boats got a bit tougher. Funny story – I was talking to Lenka about how marvelous and soft the boats were and that she had to try them, handing over a totally tough wrap saying: “We cannot give this to the girls for testing, you just need to break it in, it is simply a wonderful wrap and it does not deserve to be called a tin plate!” JWell, and because Lenka is a smart girl too, she wore it and slept on it JIn just two days, the wrap was as tender as butter again.

Sorry for the digression, the review continues…

Did I mention that the wrap is awesome? The blue side is kind of denim, which is boosted by colour as well as weave that is really similar to that you can see on jeans. On the white side, there are tiny blue spots, which create peculiarly magical effect. The boats alone are very simple and elegant. Due to the fact that I am a little graphic-design person myself, I know how hard it is to handle a classic topic in a new and innovative way – in this case, it really worked!

When one grabs the wrap, there is quite a lot of it in oneˈs hand – despite, it is easy to work with, pleasantly flexible, it slips when it should and holds tight in one knot only – there is no need to wonder about a huge knot or using a sling ring to finish the carry. I hate the sling rings myself, but that is a whole different story. 😀

For me, the most surprising attribute was the supportiveness, which is considerably good. The weight of 330 g/m² is not a little, however it is certainly not much and after all … it is still ordinary cotton! The manufacturer managed to achieve something that is for example the brand of Vanatai known for, and that is to make such a weave that is incredibly supportive without the weight being stunningly high. Attentive readers already noticed that my shoulders are incredibly sensitive and cannot stand many wraps, however, in this case I really did not notice I was wearing Helenkaˈs 11 kg. What a delight!

Loktu She wraps are usually longer and wider than the average, which makes the whole impression even more pleasant, especially in case of these thick pieces intended for toddlers mainly.

Now, if you do not mind, I am going to find someone who will sell me the ˈblue boatsˈat a very low price, because it is the end of summer and the white is so impractical, indeed! 🙂

In case you will not find such a fool and you desire to own the wrap as much as I do, you can order from the comfort of your own home here:

Lenkaˈs View:

Linda handed over a freshly-laundered wrap to me, therefore I had to break in it fairly during my testing time. 😀 With an all-cotton piece of this weight it was not a question of one tying, but, to my surprise, it went soft and cuddly pretty quickly. It feels quite thick in oneˈs hand, but it tied very well – before it went smooth after the laundry, it practically did not slip at all, basically it tended to stick and fought with me a little; however, tying after tying (and I was really trying hard!) it got better and better, and during our last meeting, it was a very friendly and soft fluffy. The wrap held tight in the carry, it sprang gently and felt like a cloud on my shoulders – simply an ideal wrap for a toddler; I dare say that it would be too much of it for a little baby.

Moreover, besides its mannered behaviour during tying and in the carry as well, I must add that its weave is dense and certainly not prone towards pulls – according to my opinion, the density of the weave and the thickness of the wrap are ideally balanced here. In this weight, in case the all-cotton wrap is really resistant, then it is usually very solid and stiff as a board; on the contrary, if the wrap is soft and its weave airy and loose, then one just looks at it wrong and a pull is out. In case of Ahoy, the above-mentioned attributes are preciously balanced.

I like the pattern of boats, the light ˈdenimˈcolour is close to my heart as well; the tender detail in the form of tiny spots visible on the light side is simply wonderful – however, it is just not the real wrapping ˈloveˈ, as Linda frequently says. Maybe, a different colour variant… Who knows… 😉

Navis Amphitrite 

Composition: 55 % Tencel, 45 % combed cotton

Weight: 310 g/m² (according to the manufacturer), 313 g/m² (counted by us)

Size: 6

Linda: Frontcross carry

 Linda‘s View: 

When I saw these green-pink „boats“ for the first time, I think I was not the only one who exactly thought about Vatanai Perito Sweet Dreams Pistachio, we have already reviewed. After the testing, I simply had to buy this wrap because it was simply LOVE. However, I could not have been more wrong, because the colours differ within the scope of several colour shades. While Vatanai‘s green is with a hint of grey-blue-puke colour, as Lenka would say, Loktu She;s green is freshly menthol colour; likewise the pink side is fresher and more elegant. Simply, two totally different wraps in almost all aspects.

Unlike in case of Ahoy, the gentle shining-through spots are not visible at first glance – in fact, one can see them only when one holds the wrap up to the light. A very interesting detail, indeed!

The wrap is not so dense as its blue brother. It is pleasant to work with and probably more user-friendly for most wearers. As Lenka mentions, I would not expect Tencel to be a part of it, because the wrap is not slippery at all (as one would expect from Tencel). Overall, the wrap is very smooth and enjoyable. To make a long story short, it is simply a perfect summer wrap … unless you possess as sensitive shoulders as I do … or unless you try that blue brother. 😉

I really did not feel like wrapping Helenka with her 11 kg to the front; however, on my back, especially in the double hammock, I could really carry her for some time. 😀

I think my expectations were huge regarding this wrap, and none regarding Ahoy – and in the end, the wraps changed my mind completely. 😉

 Lenkaˈs View:

Not even Amphitrite (similarly to Ahoy) was the wrap I instantly fell in love with, although I was really fond of it. The colours are very beautiful, contrary to Linda I prefer the more vivid and vibrant colours to the slightly puke-grey-menthol of Perito.

I already had the possibility to tie Amphitrite during the Grand Babywearing Degustation in Brno, and I was really looking forward to testing it for a longer time period. Even in June, I knew that the wrap contains Tencel – but I had no idea it contains so much Tencel and I would not dare to guess from the very first touch either. If I had not had the wrap in my hand earlier and had known the composition in advance, I would have been startled and afraid the wrap was slippery as greased lightning (especially after a very slippery experience with Carmina). Quite the reverse, the wrap held perfectly tight in the carry – I hereby deeply apologize to Tencel and bow at its feet that I thought it was a generally slippery blend. I guess it depends on the weave of the particular wrap as well.

Another bad habit of Tencel wraps is the formation of folds one cannot iron, or more precisely lighter ˈpathsˈ, which does not effect the attributes of the wrap, but it really does not look nice. Hurrah! Amphitrite does not suffer from this illness either! The wrap is soft and tender, it tied and tightened nicely being very pleasant on my shoulders – it did not have any problems with Emilkaˈs 9 kg in the front as well as on my back. It sprang beautifully in the carry and I was wondering all the time which ˈboatsˈare better. 😀

You can buy the pink-green boats here:

For the opportunity to test their wraps, our thanks go to Loktu She!