Composition: 100% cotton

Weight: 250 g/m² (declared by the manufacturer), 248 g/m² (counted by us)

Size: 7

Front cross carry

The most basic of all the basic Yaro wraps, laconically called Broken Twill (i.e. as one of the basic types of weave) is, in a way, a kind of legend in the wrapping world. Not that it is such a miracle like, for example, the mythical Vatanai Pamír or so controversial as the Lidl wrap; it is simply that cheap – certainly one of the cheapest, maybe even THE cheapest woven wrap. In some Czech e-shops you can buy the 6 size for less than 800 Czech crowns, i.e. approximately 30 Euro. Moreover, it is the wrap that inspires artists to create their original pieces!

What is the story of Broken Twill? Yaro brand created it as a budget wrap so that babywearing is affordable for everyone, and they do not get any revenue from its production. By the way, the last time we reviewed a Yaro wrap here (the violet La Vita), I nagged about the non-existence of official Yaro website and lack of any relevant information about who, what and why Yaro is Yaro. So, after doing the research for this article, I know a little bit more – I found bits and pieces of information in the description of the Broken Twill 33 wrap. Long before Yaro was born, there was Slingomama, i.e. the Dutch babywearing e-shop. However, I was not able to find any intriguing info either – just that Mrs. Slingomama is a Trageschule consultant Olga who wore all 3 of her daughters and founded the e-shop in 2008. Okay, at least something relevant. 🙂

Broken Twill (my question – what does the number mean??) is not supposed to be a revolutionary wrap. It is supposed to be (and it is) a decent cheap wrap. Nobody would expect a twill weave piece with low (or lower-medium) weight to be supportive enough to be comfortable for a little elephant in a sloppy carry. I did not expect any breathtaking babywearing experience with this wrap – and I did not get any, which is not necessarily a negative. Simply said, it is a very good wrap for beginners – ideal for those who are not sure if they really want to use a wrap and do not want to invest too much money. It is pleasant to touch, pliable while tying, holds in the carry without any problems. The weave is durable and the composition is easy-care. So, if one looks for a new wrap for 1000 Czech crowns (i.e. 40 Euro) or less, all hail Yaro Broken Twill! Much better than if this unexperienced ‘one’ bought, in the better case, a ‘wrap’ made of ordinary fabric or, in the worst case, a non-ergonomic carrier such as Chicco.

I hereby want to thank the group Nosíme děti (i.e. We wear our babies) for the opportunity to test this wrap!