Composition: 62 % combed cotton, 38 % tussah

Weight: 280 g/m²

Size: 5

Reinforced rear rebozo rucksack/candy cane chest belt, front cross carry

This one is another spectacular Wild Sling I have completely fallen for! I have already had the opportunity to touch and tie this wrap, also called ˈherbariumˈ, at one big babywearing meet-up in Frýdek this spring – and I have to say, I am utterly lost and on my knees. This one is a piece of art – the more you tie it, the more you fall in love with it. The WS tussah is just a thing of perfection.

The pattern with forest animals and undergrowth plants, depicted realistically, together with the orange and yellow tussah rays of light is in one word splendid! For your information, the name of the wrap is actually just perfect – la forêt vierge means virgin forest in French, and les rayons du soleil mean rays of light. When I first held the wrap in my hands I could not decide which side I like better – and I still cannot decide even after our second rendez-vous.

Moreover, it basically ties itself – it is a perfectly universal wrap you could tie a tiny baby in, as well as a toddler. It is soft, cuddly, easy to tie and tighten and holds firmly in the carry. And it is also absolutely not prone to pulls. The only thing I was disappointed about was the fact I had to send it to another tester after our time together was up. Sniff. 😉