Composition: 100 % cotton

Weight: 186 g/m² (according to the manufacturer), 213 g/m² (counted by us)

Size: long 5 (442 cm, measured by us)

Popparoo carry

A Vatanai wrap for testing?! Is it a thin newborn cloth…? It does not matter, give it to me; no Vatanai wrap should be left untested!  ?

I have to mention right in the beginning that the name of the wrap is very smart and witty – Unalaska is the capital of Aleut Islands which belong to Alaska. Can you think of a more suitable name of a wrap in truly winter colours with a pattern of whales? Anyway, I love Vatanai for using these ˈgeographicˈnames and I hope they will continue naming their wraps like this! ??

Theˈwhalesˈare (sorry, Vata-holics) one of few Vata-designs I could imagine having in my stack – the smiling blue whales are incredibly cute while there is not a bit of Disney kitsch in it (however, I would prefer the wrap without those strange bunny-bones, or what that is supposed to be). The blue color of Unalaska is beautiful and soft – a real baby-blue color; however, so typically baby-blue that I can only see a little newborn boy in it – I would not buy this one for a girl (and I consider myself not being ˈsexistˈabout wraps at all 😀 ). Simply said, Unalaska is beautifully boyish.  ?

The legend was true, it is really a fine, thin baby blanket – soft, snuggly, easy to tie and tighten (however, I spent about 10 minutes tying this wonderful carry before I was sure enough that my child would not fall through and dared to go outside 😉 ). The wrap holds tight in one knot – it did not move an inch during an one-hour-long walk, despite it is very soft to touch and is not rough or grippy at all. And as always – I am simply amazed how durable the Vatanai wraps are! This wrap has been travelling around for testing basically from the moment it was released in 2014 and I did not find a single pull; moreover, the label says you can wash the wrap at 60° (I am not sure about tumble drying concerning this particular wrap but generally it is allowed to tumble dry the all-cotton Vatanai wraps by the manufacturer!).

Bottom line, Unalaska is a perfect newborn piece in any way you want it to be – its colour is beautiful, it has great tying properties and it is definitely one of the most easy-care wraps I have ever had in my hand.

My thanks for the opportunity to test this wrap go to the group Nosíme děti (i.e. We carry our babies)!