Midnight Dreamers

Composition: 76 % cotton, 24 % cottolin

Weight: 270 g/m² postwash according to the manufacturer

Size: 6

Shepherd’s carry with a sort of freestyle finish 

These cottolin birdies landed at our home quite unexpectedly and spent a whole weekend with us – and it was a really wonderful weekend. 🙂 Our regular readers already know the trivia about Vatanai – how much we love their wraps, that a ‘thin Vatanai is a good Vatanai’ etc.; you could have read this stuff on our blog several times (that many times that I hope it has not made anyone nauseous yet 😉 ). This time, I will leave this out. The only thing I want to write before the review of the wrap itself are a few words about cottolin – it is nothing really special or mysterious in fact, it is a composite yarn made of cotton and linen (and as you can read in different sources, it combines the ‘softness and pliability of cotton and the firmness of linen’).

You certainly know it, too – when you see something repeatedly and at first you do not really like it… then you take a little closer look and you touch it… and later on, you realize that you started to like it. O.K. I officially like the Dreamers pattern – not only that red/black or turquoise/black. There is something about these birds for sure… ? Maybe I will change my mind about the Labyrinths in the future, too; in that case I would be screwed completely and probably would have to start to sell my organs. 😀

Well, I will not beat around the bush anymore. This is, once again, one of those Vatanai pieces that affirmed my conviction that I desperately need my own Vatanai. In fact, a Vatanai for every family would be the best! 😀 Thin, yet so supportive; soft but durable and not prone to pulls whatsoever, sliding adequately when tying, pliable just as I like it in wraps and able to hold in one knot without any problems. The perfect wrap you choose from your stack when you want to play with the carry or try a new one and you want to be sure that the wrap will cooperate all along. The only thing I have to reproach is that it wrinkles quite a lot, but what can I do, linen is linen. Sigh.

I hereby want to thank the happy owner for the opportunity to try these birdies!

Vero Amore

Composition: 100 % combed cotton

Weight: 330 g/m² according to the manufacturer, 302 g/m² counted by us

Size: 6

Reinforced front wrap cross carry

Our weekend with Vero Amore, or ‘True love’ in Italian, was a planned one in contrast to the Midnight Dreamers. This one came to us for testing from the FB group Moderní nosičky (i.e. Modern Wearers) to whom I want to thank for this opportunity. Well, not really, because after this experience I am definitely lost… This wrap is the official seal on my decision that I like the Dreamers! Actually, not ‘like’, I LOVE them! And this particular cotton piece… Not really vivid red in combination with not really pretty apricot tones, this cannot work together at the first sight… But it does! And does for me just perfectly! 🙂 Simply put, Vero Amore’s name is very fitting, just as the Labyrinths’ and whales’ name – it is my ‘true wrapping love’ at first touch and first tying.

And it is an ‘ordinary’ all-cotton wrap – Vatanai just do not need any sophisticated blends; their cotton is soft, cuddly, perfectly pliable and just amiable in all the ways, no matter what weight it has. Although Vero Amore is a sturdy toddler piece, I would not hesitate to wrap even a little baby in it thanks to its great (I am not afraid to say practically perfect) tying properties. It was pure joy to tie it as it was sliding adequately, its tightening went smoothly and it held tight in the carry in one knot.

And the comfort! I have to compare it to Dekka’s all-cotton Tilias – the twill is distinctly different; these Dreamers’s twill is, similarly as other Vata-wraps’, quite dense and not so fluffy and airy as the Tilias’ – simply said, they are more ‘flat’. When I was pouring my love-struck heart out here this summer about Tilias being the most perfect toddler wraps ever, I could not imagine that I would find something that would match up to them as to the comfort of the wearer. And these red-and-pink Dreamers, that flew around me several times before without being noticed, actually do. I am sooo sorry that I have not met them earlier! 🙂