Let’s face is. Tekhni is no longer the most popular babywearing brand (at least in Europe) and the golden times of this manufacturer are long over. It is not longer “OMG, Tekhni!” but “hmmm, Tekhni…” for quite some time. Long over are the times when Tekhni wraps were so hard to get, second-hand pieces were sold for prices very close to (or over) the retail and everybody was looking for those “distant relatives in America” who would be willing to transport the most desired wraps to the Czech Republic without the necessity to pay the custom fees and taxes.

Aside from the popularity issue, I love Tekhni wraps – Alpha Cinder was my second woven wrap (and the first one I got as a gift from my husband when Emilka was barely 3 months old); Arche Storm was the next one and the third Tekhni I bought was the legendary Delta Wrapmania ring sling (and honestly I do not have the heart to sell any one of them). I love Tekhni’s geometric patterns, their courage to use Repreve (a loooot of Repreve) in their wraps and, of course, the properties of the wraps. This time, we will reach deep into our archive for a review written a long time ago (so long ago that even Linda wrote reviews that time!).

Meandros Scarlet

Composition: 55% cotton, 45% Repreve

Weight: 280 g/m² according to the manufacturer

Size: 6

Front cross carry

This Meandros is no exception among the Tekhni wraps – I loved it, although to be perfectly happy with it I would choose a different colour. It is soft, well cooperating while tying; I had not problem tightening it and it held in the carry in one knot. Thanks to Repreve, the wrap is as easy-care as can be – it does not wrinkle, you can machine-wash it as frequently as you wish and there is no need to iron it. However, Repreve, no Repreve, ecologic, not ecologic – it is still polyester and therefore the wrap tends to develop not very aesthetic lumps over time (and also it holds the smells in).

Chloris Tidepool

Composition: 55% bavlna, 45% Repreve

Weight: 280 g/m² according to the manufacturer

Size: 5

Kangaroo carry

Linda’s View:

Weeeeell, this is one interesting wrap! While I was not particularly intrigued by the pattern (however, the colour is beautiful, without a doubt), I was ver surprised by its properties. It basically ties itself, feels very nicely elastic on your shoulders and is very comfortable. This piece spent quite some time at our household, I tied and re-tied it over and over and I was very sad when I had to let it go. Although I am not fond of Repreve or artificial fibres generally, I must say that these materials differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. The only disadvantage of this wrap is that it tends to develop fine lumps – but this is what you can encounter in many wraps with merino, for example, and moreover, it is just an aesthetic issue, not something that would prevent the wrap from being used safely and comfortably. Bottom line – a great, surprisingly supportive easy-care wrap suitable for all! All thumbs up!

Lenka’s view:

Lenka’s view is very similar to Linda’s – the only difference being that I quite like the pattern. Not that I was blown away by it, but this is what I consider a “timeless classic” for those who prefer subtle elegance. And the colour is so beautiful – I cannot image a more beautiful shade of turquoise! It is quite hard to write something over again about basically identical wraps (identical as to the properties) – the only this I have to add is that I am sooo much looking forward to pull my Tekhni pieces from the closet for my second baby!