We have already tested several items from the Slovakian Rischino’s portfolio – Mint Diamonds, Blue Starlight and Rainbow Paisley Folk wraps and quite recently also their adjustable carrier Flexible. I was very excited about the looks and functional properties of the first two wraps (not that much about the rainbow one, but it was no tragedy either) and we (Jana and I) liked the carrier in most aspects, too. Therefore I was looking forward to testing of the ˈhalf-taiˈ carrier Half Buckle very much – and it did not disappoint me at all.

Visually, I loved it at first sight, it is simply beautiful – even babywearing dads could like the subtle heart pattern in elegant colours, moreover it is meticulously sewn and the materials are of high quality. I already praised the system of adjusting of the back panel in the article about the all-buckle carrier – the two-parallel-tunnel-two-cord system is wonderfully simple, yet wonderfully functional!

We also commented quite extensively on the recommended size, or height of the baby. Half Buckle is recommended, same as the Flexible model, since birth up to size 98 – we thought that the maximum size of 80-86 would be more adequate, since the carrier was already small for Štěpán (currently measuring about 92 cm). The back panel of Half Buckle measures are the same as of the Flexible, therefore my judgement about the maximum size is, not surprisingly, the same.

The waist belt is identical in both models, too – it is soft, quite wide and horizontally sewn-through. In the all-buckle model, it was quite uncomfortable for me, to be honest, mainly because of its tendency to bend in its upper part. However, I was pleasantly surprised about the Half Buckle’s waist belt – it did not bend and it felt a little bit more firm overall – possibly because of the carrier being less worn than the all-buckle one? I do not really know the reason, I would have to have both carriers in my hands at the same time. Maybe also the construction the Half Buckle carrier in which the wide shoulder straps also hold the baby’s bum (and not only the back panel) play its role… Well, these are only my thoughts and impressions – however I really liked the waist belt of this model and it was very comfortable for me.

Concerning the mei tai-type shoulder straps – I have already mentioned several times that I am not a fan of the mei tai carriers – there is too much to wind up in and for me, it takes more time to tie a mei tai than a wrap, while I have not come across a mei tai that was as comfortable for me as a wrap yet. This ˈhalf taiˈcarrier with a buckle waist belt and mei tai shoulder straps solves only one half of my ˈmei tai problemˈ. While it is great that you just simply buckle up the waist belt and there are no additional straps hanging down from your waist, the main work you have to do when tying the carrier is with the shoulder straps. But as I said, this is my own personal ˈmei tai problemˈ.

The shoulder straps are nicely sewn and padded just enough for me to be comfortable while carrying; however, I kind of felt the seam on the inner side of the straps scratching my skin after a while. Otherwise, I can only praise the carrier on how comfortable and good looking it is and I will not hesitate to recommend it!