Composition: 100 % organic cotton

Weight: 300 g/m2 post-wash (according to the manufacturer), 286 g/m2 (counted by us – worn wrap)

Size: 6

Front wrap cross carry, Rucksack (with something like starfish finish ˈhow my hand got onˈ)

Everyone who sees the bigger picture in the wrapping world (i.e. recognizes more than Manduca or wrap) surely heard about Lenka, a brand of carriers from Slovakia. Who is Lenka? She is a mother (more specifically, soon to be mother of three), top athlete, incredibly energetic woman, and, not only for the baby-wearing world, a giant model and inspiration – simply, where there is a will there is a way.

One of her carriers, nowadays more and more popular Lenka 4Ever, was the subject of one of our latest reviews (and, honestly, we were quite negative mainly about the wrap it was made of). Based on the review, company BeLenka addressed us with the opportunity to test some of their other products. Naturally, we did not hesitate for a moment and enthusiastically agreed! At the very beginning, we have to highlight that the communication with ˈLenkaˈ – not exactly with Lenka Cenigová Gajarská personally (although, she is a charming lady with the ability to respect her customers, which you can see from every word she writes on her website or social networks), but with another authorised person, was great and agreeable. Anyway, the fantastic approach and willingness of BeLenka as a whole (even to us, novice bloggers) simply must be mentioned and valued!

We were all the more honoured that they sent not only Romeo wrap and summer version of Lenka 4Ever carrier, but also one brand new, not-yet-released (more precisely, yesterday-realeased) wrap, blue-turquoise Mandala.

Yes, a wrap – BeLenka makes not only carriers, but since last year beautiful, mainly cotton wraps in seven different, very elegant patterns. Among those, minimalists as well as romantic souls can choose.

Lindaˈs View:

The wrap is simply BEAUTIFUL! When I unwrapped the package, I instantly fell in love. Wonderful combination of blue shades, decent pattern – that is my cup of tea! At once, I imagined how a wrap conversion carrier would look like and I also immediately thought that this would be the most desired pattern of the coming season.

It is the first Lenka wrap made of cotton I had the chance to try (so far, I have tried only one of Lenkaˈs handwoven wraps) and I have to admit that I did not expect much. I just sort of assumed that those are only cheap cotton wraps expected to be cut for wrap conversions.

BUT, at least in this case, I was terribly wrong! The wrap is so beautiful, nice to touch – even unworn, because it came to us without labels and very pristine, it is a pleasure to tie. It is just thick enough – I would say it is of medium thickness, very good to work with, it tightens beautifully, holds and slips when it should. As a challenge test, I tied FWCC with Helenka (weighing 10 kilograms) – the wrap had no trouble with it (unlike many others I put through the same test). Of course, I would not go hiking with this type of single-layer carry, but still the wrap proved to be efficient.

All in all, the wrap is gorgeous and comfortable, definitely suitable for beginners as well as experienced wearers. Till 10 kilograms without limits – of course, one should try on their own shoulders. I was very pleasantly surprised!

Lenkaˈs View:

I was not surprised at all! I am familiar with the fact that Lenka knows how to make very nice and good-quality wraps. However, until now I have found nothing that would sweep me off my feet. Pleasant, reliable and universal all-cotton wraps with decent (sometimes more than decent) weight – however, the WOW effect was still missing. When Linda enthusiastically sent me the picures of the testing package and its contents, I said to myself: well, nice, that is just another flowery-oriental romance, although the colour is cool …

But live!!! The first WOW – amazement changes into splendour – Lindaˈs mobile phone really was not able to catch the exquisite shades of blue and turquoise colours (who would have guessed that). The second WOW – the pattern (again, rather unsurprisingly) stands out in the carry mainly; I tied single-layer FWCC just for the sake of the charming mandala to be seen and to let it shine. The third WOW (okay, not to overpraise, just a little wow) – it really cooperates when tying. When you touch it, it is little rougher than the other Lenka wraps I had the opportunity to test. It is not a smooth itty-bitty marshmallow; on the other hand, it is not any grater either (though some intensive wearing will really help). It is just enough to hold in your hand (the weight as it was tailor-made for me), it slips when it should, and holds tight in the carry – of course, a single-layer carry with a restless toddler is not exactly ideal, but when I reinforced the carry, it was a great experience. We went for a walk for several hours, Emilka also slept for a while and my shoulders and back did not really realize that! I forgot to mention – WOW! As far as the care is concerned, it wrinkles a bit, but that is a fact you can expect by an all-cotton wrap. The weave is dense and not prone towards pulls (which makes the wrap, together with the pattern, an ideal candidate for wrap conversions!). Well, and when you add that the wrap is affordable, there is nothing more to say.

One little concern – the middle marker on the tested wrap is not centered with the middle mandala on the pattern; that is why you have to tie really carefully if you want the result to look neatly.

Thank you very much, Lenka and others, for lending us this wrap! We continue testing and preparing more reviews, so stay tuned …

You can buy this beautiful Lenka here: