Composition: 100% cotton

Weight: 332 g/m²

Size: 4

Rear rebozo reinforced rucksack carry with candy cane chest belt

Today I have a review of one of my biggest HW loves for you – it is this quite ordinary looking shortie I bought last summer as the “last and ultimate” wrap for my then-2-years old toddler (haha, I would have never guessed that my now-3-years old little lady would fancy a now-and-then hop-on from time to time even now). Of course, such a wrap had to match my very specific criteria – I wanted a supportive wrap, but not too thick to be too big to fit in a small bag, no light colours but no brown-green-khaki scale/”earth” colours either, something hand woven and if possible, cheap. 😀 A lot of people had a good laugh about it in the FB group in which I made the inquiry – but guess what? A miracle happened and I was offered this wrap. And it is exactly what I wanted it to be and its only fault is that its original owner wants to buy it back after we finish babywearing (to be honest I fully understand).

Rainbow Frog Textiles is an American weaving company, or better said a team consisting of 10 weavers and HW enthusiasts, that makes HW babywearing wraps and other HW product since 2013, being lead by Janna Craft (I love the nomen omen in case of this weaver!).

My Rainbow Frog is quite a wrap grandfather – it was woven in 2016 and its previous family loved and wore it quite a bit. However, I must say that it does not show. It is still in great condition and one certainly cannot tell its true wrap age. It is wonderfully soft, fluffy, pleasant to touch and of course, thoroughly broken in – it is what I imagine under the term “soft as butter” when talking about woven wraps. It is relatively thick, but not too much – well, I will not tell you that a wrap with the weight over 300 is “medium thick”. It is a toddler piece par excellence and do not expect me to say anything about “suitability for little babies, too” and “experienced hands”. Not the case here.

It is perfectly pliable while tying, slightly elastic; tying and tightening would be easy even in beginner’s hand and it holds in the carry without any problems even with my crazy toddler/preschooler. These days, when going for a walk, this one is my go-to wrap “just in case”, if Emilka decides her legs are sore (although it is not the most space-saving piece). Moreover, thanks to its relatively dark colourway I am not afraid to wrap it anywhere outside and also, it is not prone to pulls whatsoever. And the fact that it does not need ironing basically at all? Just the perfect cherry on this virtually perfect cake. Simply said, we love our Rainbow Frog and we dread the day when we will have to send it back to its previous owner – we will certainly miss it very much!