Composition: 100 % cotton

Weight: 239 g/m²

Size: 7 (537 cm measured by us, tips 47 cm)

Back wrap cross carry, Tibetian knotless finish

Let me summarize my impression from this wrap right at the beginning: a Russian kitchen towel. Really, the way it looks, the way it feels in one’s hands and I dare say the way it behaves in the carry, too. I signed up for testing of this wrap because I liked the blue colour and the “zig zag” pattern, but when I saw it live, I must say I was quite disappointed. Some wraps can surprise you – you would not find them interesting when not tied, maybe even a bit ugly, but once you see them in the carry, they magically transform into completely something else! This magic usually happens in case of wraps with vertical stripes, but nothing like that happened with this Mum’s Era. Just the same kitchen towel, only with a child inside.

Last summer, I had the opportunity to test the Utah’s sibling, Mum’s Era Nordik Olive which pleasantly surprised me – being quite thin, it was really supportive and very easy to work with. In my opinion, it was its specific fluffy weave that made it such a wrapping pleasure. Moreover, its minimalist design is very close to my heart and I would not probably hesitate twice if I saw it somewhere for sale (you cannot buy a new one anymore, Mum’s Era do not produce new wraps for some time).

I was not that happy about Utah. Although I did not have many problems when tying it, it felt relatively tough and too little elastic for such a skinny. It held in the carry in one knot without tendency to loosen, but being a “kitchen towel”, it was not supportive enough for my 11kg little lady. I would not be that bold to give it a try for longer walks.

In the end, I want to mention one interesting property of the Mum’s Era wraps – they have very long tips; Utah specifically has 47 cm long tips. Therefore, the real usable length of the wrap is actually almost a half metre shorter than what I measured STIH; i.e. it is not a ultra-long size 7 but in fact only a long 6. Be careful about this – if you see a second-hand Mum’s Era for sale (or older Vatanai or the british Nona wraps – they also have very long tips), you might be unpleasantly surprised that your regular size does not fit because of this.