Composition: 100% combed cotton

Weight: 270 g/m2 (according to the manufacturer), 266 g/m2 (counted by us)

Size: 5

Front cross carry (double cross)

No historical introduction today, sorry, guys – Polish Monami is a complete mystery, at least according to shallow and deep waters of the Internet. I found jack squat about this brand, about its origin or philosophy; I even only assume that it is Polish because the cheapest shipping option they offer is within Poland. Otherwise, as I said, it is a complete mystery to me.

Unfortunately, even the displays only an error page when it comes to Monami Slings. However, if you check their website or Facebook page, you will find only a handful (maybe one and a half handful) of designs – most of them are very simple and cute (but not infantile or Disney-kind-of-cute, do not be mistaken). Even though the designs may not be the front-runners to win Red Dot Award, the flowers, hearts or leaves are used in quite elegant patterns. I am not particularly fond of floral patterns, but I think I could get used to Tulips if the wrap was mine. Moreover, the blue colour is gorgeous so it was an immense pleasure and joy to wear the wrap!

It is a quite thick cotton guy – when I found the weight declared by the manufacturer, I first thought it was supposed to be the pre-wash weight and that in reality it would be about 300 g/m2. But, what a surprise, the weight calculated by me was almost exactly the same as the manufacturer’s number. However, it felt quite dense in my hand – maybe because of the thick texture which did not “melt” when wrapped. The wrapping and tightening corresponded with its thickness (no pleasure to be honest), but it was sliding well – not too much, not too little, just enough. I was quite pleased with it in the front cross carry with 8kg Emilka in the end, and my shoulders were not complaining at all as well (although I have certainly come across more comfortable wraps in this weight category). To be fair, the wrap was washed shortly before we tested it and I am quite sure I would feel differently about it if it was fully broken-in. The weave itself is dense and does not seem to be prone to pulls at all.

I would recommend this Monami as an easy-care and durable companion for every household, for kids in medium weight category – I would not wrap a newborn in it because of its thickness and on the other hand, I think carrying a 15kg toddler in it would not be comfortable at all.

My thanks for the opportunity to test this wrap go to the Czech babywearing group Moderní nosičky (i.e. Modern wearers).