Composition: 100 % Egyptian cotton

Weight: 264 g/m² pre-wash (according to the manufacturer)

Size: 6

Back wrap cross carry with chestbelt + a little freestyle finish 🙂

Lenkaˈs View:

We already had Filigran some time ago – as part of Moisha testing in April, pink twin of this wrap appeared in our local babywearing group; Emilkaˈs weight was about 7,5 kg at that time and, to be honest, I was not really excited then. It is useful to run a re-test from time to time – Emilka has grown a little, I started to prefer different carries... I was truly curious myself :).

As you might imagine, Moisha did not prepare a big surprise this time either – the wrap is pleasant, soft, I did not have any problems tying it; however, this kind of thin to middle-thick all-cotton piece is nothing I was gonna flip over – regardless of the fact whether I tied front cross carry or back carry. Well, why not? It is an able universal wrap, indeed (the weave is a bit looser than I expect from a real hard worker), the colour and the pattern are very elegant – even though I am not particularly fond of little curls. It could be an ideal choice for romantic moms of little babies (although, Steel could be a good choice for some fathers as well); however, since the baby reaches 8-9 kg, it will not be a star-jumper – more specifically, you can certainly carry a heavy toddler in a thin wrap, but surely use a multi-layer carry and you should also count with the fact that the wrap will not forgive you any mistakes in the tying.

Janaˈs View:

The grey testing dandy came to us when we were on holiday at my great-auntˈs house. And since there were plenty of kids there, I could not resist and caught three of them in the wrap . But I am getting ahead of myself – firstly, the package needed to be unwrapped for me to see the beauty which came to us halfway across the country. I will be honest with you – no sighing happened. The wrap is a perfect dandy with its colour and pattern, however, it is also a bit old-fashioned in my opinion. I can imagine it being a good servant to mom, who likes to do her make-up, puts on some nice clothes, wraps her baby into the greyish Moisha and goes for a walk on a spa colonnade. However, that is not me – particularly during the days when the temperature outside attacks 35°C ...

Well, and whom did I trap in the wrap? The first victim was my son Štěpán (2 years old, 12 kg) – he kind of dislikes wrapping recently, therefore the only carry we use is FWCC, sometimes reinforced and sometimes improved by shoulder flip. The wrap cooperated nicely when being tied and tightened, it held in the carry and did not loosen itself. After roughly 10 minutes, I had to reinforce the carry – 12 kilos is just 12 kilos, my shoulders suffered in the single-layer carry. Given the heat, the wearie was patient in the wrap for just several dozens of minutes and then demanded to be released. The second catch was my elder daughter (8 years old, 25 kg) – I have been testing many wraps with her recently – firstly, she is a perfect substitute for the sometimes-uncooperative two-years-old and we also have fun while wrapping :). Even big girls (almost) at the edge of their teens need to be cuddled sometimes ... However, the real testing came with a borrowed wearie (2 months old, 5 kg). I took advantage of having a little cooperating baby in my hands and tied the kangaroo carry. The wrap cooperated very well – the carry turned out well and the enclosed sleeping powder worked :). After more than an hour, I returned a well-rested smiling baby to his mother, whom I finally persuaded that a wrap is a wonderful help.

Summary – this Moisha wrap did not really take my heart by its colours and pattern, but not even by its supportiveness. I would recommend it for little babies – it will certainly do a good job there.

Lindaˈs View:

Well, I have been thinking for some time how to write this review tactfully. When I had the first chance to try this wrap – only in its pink version – it nearly cut my shoulders in half ... therefore I left it to Lenkaˈs hands and kept silent. This time, I decided to give the wrap a second chance and test it properly.

I do not really like the looks of the wrap, but it does not insult me either. Generally, I would say that I have a problem with Moisha patterns. Although I know that their wraps are of good quality and supportiveness, I am not able to choose a pattern I like that much to consider buying it. I have ring-sling Levander Zephyr in my possession, however, that is a whole different story. Well, even Filigran did not change my mind, but I could stand it. What I really could not stand is the fact that the wrap is considerably rough when you touch it, it did not cooperate well when tied and I generally did not felt like tying it ever again. As the girls already mentioned, the supportiveness of this wrap is nothing special. Well, there are lots of alike wraps and I am still able to find something positive to point out. However, I am really lost in this case.

On the wrap market, there is great plenty of thin, cotton, soft, beautiful and affordable pieces. Overall, I am very sorry, indeed, but I cannot think of a person whom I could recommend this wrap to.

We thank to the group Nosíme děti (i.e. We carry our babies) for the possibility to test the wrap.