Moisha’s Filigráns are our old acquaintances – we already tested them twice, once about a year ago (the pinkie Rosé) and then again in summer (the grey version Steel). Why did we want to test other identical all-cotton wraps?

Are they really identical? Far from it! This time, we got a truly exclusive delicacy on our tester plate – three Filigrán prototypes at one time, in a new weave, from the new weaving factory; one of them even blended! It was Monika Gorná herself (the lady whose name stands for ˈMoˈ in ˈMoishaˈ) who provided us with this sweet tidbit. 😉 Hereby we want to thank her for trusting us!

Attentive readers of our blog must have already noticed that no babywearing is happening at Linda’s home for quite some time now. Therefore, so that our review is thorough, we invited our wonderful friend Markéta and her wearie Jakub to our team for the purpose of testing and photoshoot of these wraps. If you follow us on Instagram, you must have seen these two for innumerable times, mainly in the Stories section.

Moisha Filigrán Frozen

Composition: 54 % combed cotton, 46 % total easy-care merino wool

Weight: 260 g/m² according to the manufacturer, 275 g/m² counted by us

Size: 6

Front cross carry

Markéta’s view:

This woolen piece is just great! It did not bite at all – and I can really feel the sheep in virtually anything. It is very pleasant, soft, warm and breathable at the same time – when we went out and got a little warm, I was not afraid that we would sweat too much.


Lenka’s view:

Same as Markéta, I have already had numerous not very pleasant encounters with wool – in fact, even with woolen wraps from this particular brand. However, when I first touched this beauty, I did not want to believe my own hands – you could hardly guess that this piece contains any merino at the first touch! I actually had to study and compare the two blue wraps next to each other for a while after unpacking them, before I recognized which one is the woollie (because I completely forgot about it from the moment Monika handed us the wraps for testing, indeed 😀 ).

And again, I must agree with Markéta – Frozen is a wonderful wrap! It is soft to touch, the wool does not bite at all. I wore and tested this wrap quite intensely, at a dance class with babies in a wrap, too – therefore on my bare shoulders, and I did not feel a thing! The wrap cooperates well while tying, maybe it is a bit too slippery for my taste, but this is a natural property of such smooth and soft woolies, nothing I would really reproach. From my experience, grippy woolen wraps are usually terrible biting piranhas.

Fronzen feels a little springy in the carry, spreads the weight of the wearie on your shoulders nicely, does not cut into your shoulders and despite being smooth and a bit slippery, the carry does not get loose while wearing and the wrap does not sag even with a toddler. This is a marvelous winter piece I would not hesitate to include into my own stack! It was an honor to test it and I wish it bright future in which it will become a best-seller! 😉

Moisha Filigrán turquoise prototype

Composition: 100 % combed cotton

Weight: 314 g/m² counted by us

Size: 7

Christina’s ruckless back carry

Moisha Filigrán black prototype

Composition: 100 % combed cotton

Weight: 321 g/m² counted by us

Size: 7

Back wrap cross carry/Celtic knot

Markéta’s view:

Both all-cotton wraps were super-pleasant, firm but soft in the carry at the same time, they were sliding while tying just enough. Nothing really thin as some kind of newborn cloth, but no thick blanket either. Great universal pieces both for smaller babies and toddlers, in my opinion.

Lenka’s view:

Oh, the turquoise! And oh, the monochrome! I cannot choose which of these cotton pieces I like more, while I cannot figure out why Moisha has not released Filigrán in these colours so far! 😉 I think both of the colour combinations really suit the pattern.

Right in the beginning, I would like to say that all the tested wraps came to us as aˈwork in progressˈ, i.e. trial samples from the new weaving factory; something that possibly will not reach the customer as a definite product. The original all-cotton Filigrán wraps were intended as universal ˈworkingˈ pieces from newborn to pre-schooler… But in our opinion, that was not really ˈitˈ, something was not ideal on both ends – too much of the wrap for a newborn, too little of it for a toddler. The new version is different – the weave is denser and the wrap feels thicker in your hand. If the intention was to create a supportive toddler piece, then Moisha hit the bull’s eye! However, I would not try to wrap a tiny baby in them, despite the fact they are soft to touch and pleasantly pliable.

The tying felt very similar to Daiesu Kelarai, which is a kind of a legend in our region. This is a sturdy Malay hard-worker, beloved mainly by the wearer-mountaineers from the neighbouring town of Frýdek-Místek (I got inspired by them and also own one in size 4 myself). This comparison should be a great honour for Moisha in my eyes – those who had the opportunity to try Kelarai would certainly approve. Simply said, a reliable easy-care companion for good or bad weather that requires a bit firmer hand while tying, but holds tight in the carry and is capable of supporting even heavy toddlers. Moreover, Filigrán seems not to be prone to pulls whatsoever, thanks to its dense weave – what else could a wearer wish for? 🙂

But as I said, these wraps were only a step on the way to a perfect universal wrap, as variable as possible, usable for the most of the active babywearing years, for children of all ages, sizes and shapes. Therefore, it is possible that such toddler Filigráns will not make it to Moisha’s virtual counters; however, that would be a shame in my opinion. I repeat – a wrap with such properties, a toddler piece you do not have to think too much about when tying and laundering, would be THE bomb!