When you have the opportunity to see 19 (!!!) wonderful Wild Slings and ROAR wraps in one place at once, what do you do? You certainly do not hesitate! Linda and I, we did not, indeed – one Friday morning, we packed the camera and the kids and met our wonderful friend Markéta (who actually told us about the opportunity) and the most wonderful Iveta, who was travelling through Ostrava to the first all-Czech WS/ROAR meet-up with this incredible wrap-load, in Žirafa. Žirafa is probably the largest amusement park for children in Ostrava – one cannot call it a ˈplayroomˈfor sure, because it is as big as a hangar (in fact, it is in the exact same hall where a hobby market used to be). We were a little bit afraid that it would be too ˈbigˈ for our babygirls at first, but there was nothing to be afraid of after all – any child of virtually any age (well, any age if he/she can walk already) can have loads of fun in Žirafa!

Yup, this is great, until you realize that catching a child for the purpose of putting him/her into a wrap between all the trampolines, pools with plastic balls, jungle gym castles, slides and merry-go-rounds is sometimes nearly impossible. 😀 As far as the entertainment for kids goes, we recommend Žirafa by 100 per cent and give it six stars out of five! 😉 I am quite sure that our girls (and boys) could play around there all day long and we would not be able to get them out!

But let’s go back to the main purpose of our mission! We already published an article about Wild Slings a while ago, and recently about ROAR, too – then, both WS and ROAR were quite new and hot on the babywearing market and since that time, their spiritual father Maciej Aleksandrowicz and both his brands have come a long way down the wrap road. They have grown substantially as far as the width of their portfolio goes, with new patterns, colours, using different kinds of blends and types of twill. Wild Slings are no longer only those black and white moths or skulls and bones and even romantic souls and colourful-wrap lovers can choose a wrap among the ROAR beauties. They have also become much more popular in the Czech Republic and it is no longer true that only several individuals own them – therefore, we were able to touch and cuddle ˈsomething from everythingˈ. 😉 Our attentive Instagram followers could notice that in the meantime we tested several other WS and ROAR wraps (for example, the beautiful tussah La Foret Vierge, both the cotton and tussah Freres de Sang, the interesting no-cotton ˈMossˈ or the playful ROAR hearts and mountains ˈGórkiˈ). Their reviews are still peacefully sleeping in our virtual drawer and will certainly be published when we have more time to process the photos. 😉 Now we had a unique opportunity to improve our wrap education!

What can I say? Wrap heaven! Wonderful red dragons with cuddly tussah, interesting cloudy La Forêt Vierge Cumulus, smooth romantic Coquelicots, no-cotton Les Ténèbres La Fourmilière for example – we wanted to tie them all, so we tried as much as our toddlers allowed us (and as you can see, Helenka did not allow much… 😀 ).

And in the end, I want to praise the ROAR Górki wrap with the unique crunch twill (also called ˈwafflesˈ) – I do not think I have ever had anything so fluffy, soft and moreover beautiful and original on my shoulders (sorry, Dekka!)… I did not feel any Emilka’s weight while wearing it and I did not want to put her down at all! Simply said, WOW! I should not have touched it at all in the first place, because now I long for one crunch beauty of my own with all my wrapping heart…!

We want to thank Iveta once again for stopping by here in Ostrava with the whole wrap treasure and we hope for many more meet-ups like this!