Mia is a relatively lesser-known Czech carrier manufacturer. They offer the carrier in three partially adjustable sizes with, in my opinion, a little bit illogical names – Baby, Mini and Maxi, Baby being the smallest one, Mini the middle and Maxi the biggest size. We tested the middle size, i.e. Mini, with Emilka, which is recommended for children from 6-7 months to 2,5 years according to the manufacturer.

Oh boy, that recommendation by age, again… To be honest, I don’t get it – is it so hard to indicate the recommended height/size of the baby?I am quite sure the manufacturer must have tried it – and it does not matter that they state on their website that the ‘age is only estimative’ and that ‘every baby is different’ (don’t you say!). Moreover, the Mini version is not that ‘mini’ in fact, which you can easily guess from the recommended age range. And once you see it yourself, you could say that it is actually ‘maxi’ – I think that many other manufacturers would call a carrier of such a size ‘Toddler’ (just to explain my comment about the names of the sizes of Mia carriers being a bit illogical). Terminology aside, my 18-months-old Emilka, currently wearing size 74/80 would still have quite a lot space to grow in this carrier so I am willing to agree with the maximum recommended age of 2,5 years. On the other hand, it was still possible to adjust the back panel a little in all the dimensions to make it smaller; however, I would not recommend this size of the carrier for a ‘regular’ 6-months-old, but it could fit the bigger ones.

Concerning the quality of materials and sewing – the wrap, Loktu She Raindrops (a.k.a. ‘The Sperm Wrap’), is a very pleasant and durable piece and, in my opinion, it was very well chosen for the conversion. The buckles and straps are of good quality and firm (maybe a bit too firm – sometimes it was difficult to tighten them). The sewing looks fine; however, I was a little displeased by the ends of the threads sticking out – I would be afraid of the threads gaping after some time. I think it would definitely be better if the manufacturer sealed the ends of the threads in the future. Otherwise, I have nothing to reproach. Maybe just the fact that the hood (a BIG hood; honestly an ENORMOUS hood for my taste) is not detachable.

Adjusting of the carrier is standard, simple and intuitive; I like the system of adjusting of the back panel in the bottom part by straps and buckles (I definitely prefer it over the ‘cord and knot’ system). I liked the width and length of the waist belt; however its consistency is a bit unusual and hard to describe – it is in fact hard, as it is made of the material that the hard waist belts are usually made of, but because of the fact it is quite thin at the same time it is actually soft and pliable. Therefore, I was not able to prevent it from bending in its upper part with the baby on (as you can see in the photos), but it did not influence my comfort as a wearer – it did not press or strain anywhere (however, the question is how it would feel after some time of wearing and bending this way, not speaking about it not looking much aesthetic…). The shoulder straps are richly padded and very comfortable for me even without the straps crossed, while it IS possible to cross the straps – I applaud standing with three Mexican waves to the presence of the bidirectional buckles! The position of the wearie was perfect – the M position of the legs and shape of the back was exemplary, the back panel embraced Emilka without any slack fabric around and she was very content in the carrier.

Resumé – it is not the best carrier in the world, but certainly not the worst at all! Considering the prize of the fabric version of the carrier which is relatively affordable in my opinion, well, why not…

My thanks for the opportunity to test the carrier go to the group Nosíme děti (i.e.We Wear Our Babies)!