Composition: 32% merino, 68% cotton

Weight: 320 g/m² declared by the manufacturer, 342 g/m² counted by us

Size: 6

Back wrap cross carry with a chest belt

I have been curious about Marisso, a British (or in fact Scottish) high-end brand, for quite some time. It got its name from Ana Marisso, its founder, and they produce wrap from high quality materials in a few rather conservative (but not boring) designs. Their flagship among their patterns is Aspen (just like, for example, the legendary Argus in case of Artipoppe). We were able to finally test one of these wrap, the nubby black beauty Aspen Galaxy, thanks to the Czech Marisso tester tour. I must say that this cuddly woolen blanket came just in the right time in the middle of January. 🙂

Galaxy is a very elegant wrap, but you must look really close to distinguish the subtle pattern. The colourful nubs are very cute and make this “sad” wrap look much happier. It is a quite thick piece; however, it is wonderfully pliable, fluffy just as merino wraps can be and feels pleasantly elastic in the carry – just what I need to wear my 13kg little lady with maximum comfort. Thanks to the nubs and the weave’s structure it is not slippery (which is sometimes a problem in wraps with high content of merino), on the other hand it is not too grippy – again something I seek in a good wrap. I had no problems tying and tightening it and it held in the carry in one knot even with a hopping toddler. She had her hour-long nap on my back in Galaxy and my shoulders barely knew they were carrying anything.

But… I have a bit mixed feelings about merino (or any type of wool from any animal) as a blend… It gives wraps great properties which I love about it – woolen wraps are usually fluffy, soft and pliable and pleasantly elastic; however this all comes to waste in my eyes if they bite. And in case of Marisso, the sheep they got their merino from was probably quite a grumpy biting beast – I felt it even through a shirt; wearing it on bare shoulders would be unimaginable for me.

Bottom line – in my point of view Galaxy is a great winter toddler piece, but it is nothing for sissies who are too sensitive about wool. Hereby we want to thank for the opportunity to test this wrap!