Silvan Flos

Composition: 75% combed cotton, 25% Tencel 

Weight: 375 g/m² (declared by the manufacturer), 365 g/m² (counted by us)

Size: 4

Rucksack carry 

Silvan is the newest (oficially released) Loktu She’s design. The Tencel pinkie Flos has two brothers, green all-cotton Alpinus and brown-yellow merino Fall. All of them are intended for toddler-wearing, which you can tell from their weight after all. 

It is no secret that there are only a few wraps with Tencel I really liked – the green-pink Navis Amphitrite boats from Loktu She are one of these exceptions. Although they contain a loooot of Tencel, their fluffy weave compensates for its tendency to feel somehow “flat” on one’s shoulders. The pink Silvan contains much less Tencel, but the weave seems denser and the wrap overall tougher than I would imagine it to be after I encountered its different-coloured siblings. Anyway, it is still a very pleasant toddler piece; the wrap is soft and smooth, there is quite a bunch of it in your hands and on your shoulders but it felt very comfortable while wearing my 11 kilograms of pure love even in the front cross carry with a ring and in the rucksack carry. I must say that it did not move an inch even in the ring although I was a bit cautious due to the wrap’s smoothness at first. However, it requires a firm and experienced hand while tying; it is no super-pliable chewing-gum.

It is also no secret, as to the Silvan’s looks, that I do not like those animals one bit. The forest motif itself is beautiful – the little branches, fern, acorns… But my idea of cute forest friends is a little bit different – in my opinion, they look, ehm, more like mentally-challenged friends… 😀 But as far as I know, there are many fans of Silvan who love the design to the bone so it is probably me again who is the strange one! 😉

Bird Garden Amber

Composition: 65 % organic cotton, 35 % combed cotton

Weight: 290 g/m2 post-wash (declared by the manufacturer), 280 g/m² (counted by us)

Size: 5

Back wrap cross carry, Tibetian knotless finish

Amber looks very similar to the Loktu She Bird Garden classic (and Linda’s very first woven wrap) Apricot Ice Cream – but only at the first sight! The colour is different, more of red and brown shades, and moreover – it is triweave! Apricot Ice Cream is a this cotton piece suitable for little babies (we reviewed its beige sibling Latté last autumn 😉 ), but Amber aims higher, thanks to its different weave. Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

As you can read at Loktu She’s website, Amber was created as a part of their Zero Waste line. These wraps are made of leftover material from other projects (and also from other manufacturers) – this can be a great motivation for some to buy such a product!

Let’s get back to Amber’s properties. Honestly, I would not guess its weight being far over 250 g/m² after touching it for the first time – it really seems like a thin (almost newborn thin) wrap. As I presumed, it was very easy to work with. It was sliding adequately and tightening was a piece of cake, while it held in the carry without any problems. But the main surprise came during a longer walk – that triweave surely is miraculous! I felt like wearing a thick toddler piece, not only a “thin baby wrap”. Amber surprised me a lot – as to its supportiveness, it is a real universal piece usable from little babies to toddlers (maybe not baby elephants, but smaller toddlers – no problem).

However, Amber had another surprise for me – but not a pleasant one this time. It is really narrow – I measured only 57 centimetres! There was only one wrap narrower than this one I had held in my hands before; Woven Wings that was only 55 centimetres wide. If it was not for its width, I would not hesitate to recommend Amber as a great universal piece capable of supporting even a toddler – but I will not. With 57 centimetres, one cannot create a pocket deep enough for an agile 2-years-old (not even a 1-year-old, to be frank). But I had not seen this in any other Loktu She wrap before Amber came to us for testing (for example, my divine Sea Motion Adriatic measures 69 centimetres as to its width which is more than comfortable to wear a toddler in), so I hope that it was only this particular tester wrap which is this narrow…