Composition: 38 % total easy care merino wool, 34 % cotton, 20 % silk, 8 % seacell

Weight: 330 g/m2 post-wash (according to the manufacturer), 319 g/m² (counted by us)

Size: 6

Double cross carry (front cross carry)

Lenkaˈs View:

I simply have to, I urgently have to test all the Loktu She wraps with merino! In case of my dear Adriatic, the merino is so cuddly and pleasant that you are really tempted to wrap in it at the end of October and come out of that hiding with the first spring rays… what if Ruby is the same? ?  It is true that the earlier-tested Raindrops Storm bit me a little; however, I just cannot give up until I find a peer to Adriatic!

Unfortunately, it is not Ruby… 🙁 The colour is simply WOW, so beautiful that I am more than willing to forgive the not so much beautiful flowery pattern. Still, the wrap is generally very feminine – not girlish, but really for a real elegant lady. When I close my eyes, I can clearly see a passionate black-haired flamenco dancer with red lips, long skirt and her baby wrapped in Ruby…! Oh!

As far as the carrying attributes are concerned, it tied and tightened perfectly, slightly sprang and thereby honoured its composition; being smooth at first touch it felt even slippery, but held tight in the carry and did not loosen a bit. Emilka (currently 9 kg) felt like a newborn on my shoulders. Miss Ruby is rather plump and has no problems to embrace a heavy toddler; however, I would not be afraid to tie a considerably smaller baby in it due to its wonderful tying attributes. Only if it did not bite so much…! I am really sad about it, but it even got through my T-shirt, and I am not used to wear wraps on my jacket even in winter… But, whoever is not that Softie about merino as I am, and at the same time is looking for a cuddly beauty, (s)he will not make a mistake buying Ruby, indeed.

Lindaˈs View:

Well, I have to admit that when Loktu She released Rhododendrons, I was pretty disappointed – a pattern resembling a couch cover? Hmm… what a pity. But since all shall be tested, and moreover we know from our experience if something does not grab our hearts first time, it can manage to do so the second time, we simply wanted to try this very much praised wrap.

Rubyˈs colour is wonderfully intense red. Although it is not my favourite one, indeed, I have to say that is it really beautiful and outstanding, perfect for brunettes. On some photos, it may seem to be combined with white colour, but it is rather cream just as the classical natural merino wool. I noticed there are tiny red hairs visible on the lighter side, which seem to look like little stains. However, that is absolutely not a flaw – it is just that we examine every wrap in detail which is why I noticed.

When I tied the wrap, I was wearing a vest to find out whether the wrap bites or not. And I have to say it was totally fine. Yes, when I focused on it, I felt some little teeth; however, it was nothing I would be really bothered about. It really depends on individual sensitivity I guess. The wrap tied well, sprang pleasantly; I would not exactly say it felt too thick in my hand – just the perfect weight for me. It felt very pleasant on my shoulders.

I must admit that I would not be looking for seacell in the composition of the wrap. However, my experience with this blend is almost non-existent, so I cannot judge.

In case you like the pattern and the colour, your baby is slightly older and you are a fan of wool, I can certainly recommend Ruby to you. You can buy it here: