Love Motion Isolda

Composition: 70 % cotton, 30 % Tencel

Weight: 360 g/m² declared by the manufacturer

Size: 6

Front cross carry

Sea Motion Caribic

Composition: 70 % cotton, 30 % Tencel

Weight: 360 g/m² declared by the manufacturer, 374 g/m² counted by us

Size: 3

Shepherd’s carry with a ring finish

When you dig deep into the history of our blog, you can find a review of my beautiful woolen Loktu She Sea Motion Adriatic, just at its beginning. Adriatic is still ours – it is currently its main season and it is not moving anywhere any time soon, as we are still so much in love with it – it is still perfect and super-comfortable for us.

Aside from Adriatic, as you can read in the above-mentioned article, we also have its pink relative at home, the Tencel lady Isolde who had moved in with us even a few months before Adriatic. Linda owned Sea Motion Caribic for quite a long time, with identical composition as Isolde – but with Linda living in the moment I could not get my hands on it before she sold it. Luckily for me, there is a tester shortie travelling around the group Moderní nosičky (i.e. Modern Wearers), so I eventually had the opportunity to test Caribic after all.

But why do I need to review two identical wraps? Because they are not exactly identical. The all-cotton and the Tencel Motions (pinkie Tristan and Isolde and blue-green Baltic and Caribic) were woven in two batches, with the twill slightly changed in the second batch. Both Linda’s Caribic and the tester came from the first batch, while Isolde’s twill is already the ˈnewˈone. I wanted to compare the tying properties of the two different types of twill – I will not beat around the bush and tell you right away – they do not! 😀

Both of them are beautiful toddler pieces par excellence, suitable for summer. The composition may look frightening but they do not feel like thick wraps – they are soft and wonderfully pliable. Not that I would think that it would be the best idea to carry a 3kg newborn in them – honestly, there is too much of them in your hand for such small babies. However, in my opinion, even a less experienced wearer could wrap a 5 or 6kg baby in it without problems. I actually bought Isolde when Emilka had about 6 kg and at that time I would not consider myself to be an ˈexperienced wearerˈ at all – but the wrap was soft and pliable right from the beginning and did not require much breaking-in, so we had a good time tying and wearing it even then.

The wraps cooperate well while tying, tightening is easy and they feel slightly elastic in the carry. Despite Tencel being one of the more slippery materials, both Isolde and Caribic hold tight in the carry, do not loosen and hold in one knot, (probably) thanks to the twill. Emilka’s 9 kilograms still feel very comfortable in Isolde, same as in Caribic in a back carry. However, I must admit that as to the tying properties, I find their woolen brother Adriatic to be a bit better – wool is wool, what can I say…

So, what is the difference between the two above-mentioned types of twill? In case of older Motions, there is one quite long, loose thread on the tip of one of the ˈwaveˈin the pattern – this was obviously the locus minors resistentiae; I do not know about the all-cotton wraps, but the Tencel versions were quite prone to pulls because of this. It is great that the manufacturer realized this problem and changed the twill in the second batch. In the newer wraps, the problematic thread is woven into the pattern and I do not remember any pull in Isolde throughout the year we own it. In my opinion, it is a very resistant, easy-care wrap.

And what to add concerning the looks of the wraps…? Both the pink and the blue-green gradation of the colours are just beautiful and this pattern is my favourite among the Loktu She wraps without any discussion. If they decided to release some new colourway of Motion, I would literally have to sit on my hands…! 😀