Material: merino wool

Size: S/M

Last autumn, we reviewed the Loktu She babywearing sweater and were truly excited about it – a wonderful piece; but let’s be honest, without a wearie or a pregnant belly it is not very versatile and quite pricy considering one would not probably use it “after the baby”. The elegant wrap cardigan was intended to solve this problem, i.e. to look good even without the compulsory “load”.

Same as its older turtleneck sibling, the wrap cardigan is wonderfully warm and will keep you nice and cosy even during the coldest winter temperatures – however, you somehow need to solve the neck protection, but from my own experience something as simple as a woolen scarf will do a perfect job. But that is due to the wrap cut of the cardigan, obviously. And as I already said, it is not a thin cardigan one would wear on cooler summer nights but it is a piece of considerably fluffy sheep. Moreover, is it very elastic – the S/M size fit me and Emilka quite fine and as to the width we still had a lot of space. As to the length one could use it also with a smaller toddler; Emilka was almost too high with her 85 cm – I suppose a bigger child would not have his/her legs covered (but is there any toddler over 90 cm willing to be worn under a cardigan…?).

It is quite logical that there would not be an integral neck protector on a cardigan – but we were trying to figure out how to wear it while having the child on your back. Well, it is possible – you just put it on backwards; the only problem is wrapping the cardingan on one’s back – you need help of another person if you are not a contortionist.

Bottom line – a very elegant and pleasantly warm babywearing cardigan you can use even after your babywearing days are over. Simply said, it is worth every penny you spend on it! 🙂