Composition: 100% cotton

Weight: 220 g/mpost-wash declared by the manufacturer (however, claim it to be 200 g/mfor some reason), 233 g/mcounted by us

Size: 5

Rucksack carry, Tibetin knotless finish

Lenka’s View:

This Little Frog, unlike its sibling we already reviewed a while ago (Kiss the Blue Frog), is a typical wrap from this Polish brand. It is a striped twill weave newborn skinny. Oh, well… But, it is the newest helper wrap of our local baby wearing group (oh yes, we had a ˈlike-contestˈ on Facebook again), so we were obliged to help to break it in.

Did I ever say that I do not like stripes? And rainbow? Then, I apologize to this rainbow beauty and bow deeply to the ground, because it is, in one word, gorgeous…! Gentle, but still very fresh and cheery pastel colours; the stripes are thin – what a joy it must be to wrap a newborn in it!

Our first encounter was not something I would have any special memories of – the wrap came fresh out of the washing machine, it was tough and relatively rough – simply said, a kind of a dishcloth, not really different than the ˈwrapˈfrom Lidl at the first sight and touch, to be honest (but to be fair, I had the opportunity to compare this brand new Little Frog, not broken-in whatsoever, and a fully broken-in Lidl ˈwrapˈ). Despite this not really best first impression, I tied it for a short while – I felt there was nothing special about it (aside from the fact it really suited us 😉 ).

Before our second date, the wrap travelled around the Ostrava babywearing group for almost 2 months. Therefore, it was perfectly broken-in by then – much more pleasant to touch, softer and much more cooperative while tying. We had a good time wearing it even with 9kg Emilka in the reinforced front wrap cross carry with shoulder flip; however, it was quite ok even without the flip. And considering that it is easy-care and low-cost, a broken-in Spectrolite is an ideal starter wrap. But I will tell you a secret – Spectrolite has a twin, released just a few days later, which contains bamboo – so, to be honest, my choice for a future newborn would be quite clear…

Linda’s View:

This is definitely the most beautiful striped wrap I have ever seen. Cheerful and fresh colours – this is something you look for when you have a little baby and you are a babywearing beginner. We tried the wrap when it was already broken-in, it was pleasure to work with, the tightening was easy and it did not cut into my shoulders that much as I expected. Of course, it is not a wrap you wish to carry a 15kg toddler in, but for that money? For a beginner babywearer – an ideal choice!