Composition: 100 % cotton

Weight: 230-260 g/m2 (according to the manufacturer), 275 g/m2 (counted by us)

Size: 6

Carry: reinforced front wrap cross carry

Lenkaˈs View:

Polish LittleFrog is not little at all. On the contrary, it is a hell of well-fed toad, at least within Central Europe, competing on the babywearing market since 2013. Their wraps are well-known to all wearers (even to beginners). The heart of LittleFrogˈs offer consists of simple twill weave wraps with low weight, which they were stuck with for a year and half (according to before they released the first, now legendary, Echo. However, the stripes for newborns are their ageless classics, furthermore affordable classics, and therefore it is no wonder that they very often are beginnerˈs first choice. Regarding design of jacquard weave wraps, LittleFrog keep it low as well – with sporadic exceptions such as Charm, they usually release simple, often geometric, patterns which cannot offend anybody.

For the above stated reasons, Kiss the Blue Frog is not exactly what babywrapping maniacs expect when you say ˈLittleFrogˈ. The pattern is nice and witty, however it is really atypical for LittleFrog, although it is literally full of frogs :). The colour, unfortunately, differs from the promo photos a lot, in reality it is a lot paler – in other aspects, I would say I like the wrap.

I was pleasantly surprised when I tied the wrap – the tying and tightening went very well, it slipped when it should and held tight on one knot only. The weight of 275 g/m2 is absolutely ideal for Emilka (weighing 9 kilograms) and me, the carrying was very enjoyable. When you touch the wrap, it is tender and soft. The care is undemanding, the wrap is almost crease-resistant and certainly not prone towards pulls. In my eyes, the froggy performed perfectly, and moreover managed to change my opinion on LittleFrog as a brand of ˈtwill weave wraps for little babiesˈ. I will certainly pay more attention to LittleFrog wraps in the future.

Finally, I want to introduce our brand new WrapTrapped girl, Jana (who traps a boy, Štěpán, in a wrap, so our website is not so girly anymore, yeah!). Jana tested the froggy just right after me – and as you can probably guess, the outcome was quite different. First of all, the effect of a freshly washed wrap – hot summer, people are sweating more than racing horses, plus my sensitive bloodhoud sense of smell … well, the wrap was just screaming: “Put me into the washing machine!” It takes some serious wearing to make the washed wrap soft and snuggy again. For that I am very sorry, Jana! 🙂

Janaˈs View:

Yeah, I am really fond of blue wraps. 🙂 When I applied for the testing, I was literally captured by the promo pictures – remarkable, playful pattern and what is more – in blue colour? I simply could not resist that. Moreover, which is rather embarrassing, I have never tried a LittleFrog wrap, therefore I was very curious about it. What a disappointment when I eagerly unwrapped the package – blue colour was not blue at all, more like grey-weird one.

The wow-effect did not come when tying either, unfortunatelly. Now, it is the right time to confess that the testing was not done with my own baby (by that time almost exactly 2 years old), because he was not in the wrapping mood for the whole time the wrap was with us. Luckily, I am known and feared (:)) thief of babies and therefore I can manage similar situations – I lent a wonderful patient baby-boy (9 kg, c. 70 cm). At first, the wrap politelly cooperated while being tied, but it started to slip during the tightening. Finally, I managed to tame it – after I made two proper knots, it held tight in the carry. A single-layer carry was comfortable for just a few minutes, therefore I reinforced the FWCC by adding a shoulder flip – after this adjustment, I could carry David for as long as I wanted. Accordingly, I would say that the wrap is more suitable for smaller babies than for heavy toddlers.

All in all, I would say that my first meeting with LittleFrog went quite well. The bland colour was made up for by the likeable pattern, the lower carrying capacity was saved by a multi-layer carry. I would not hesitate to recommend this wrap to a beginner looking for her first wrap for a small baby – the price/performance ratio is very decent in this case.

We thank very much to the group Nosíme děti (i.e. We carry our babies) on Facebook for the opportunity to test this wrap!