Kokon (i.e. ‘cocoon’ in English), or ‘Gooslionok’ in its native Russian tongue, is widely known in its classical version – a soft structured carrier made of fabric (i.e. not of a woven wrap), with a cooling vent pocket or without it (we had the opportunity to test one with the pocket last autumn) and with wide shoulder straps intended to be worn crossed. Despite the enormous amount of different wrap conversions emerging on the babywearing market in the last few years, it still remains quite popular while one of the factors is, to be honest, that it is really affordable. Kokon’s manufacturer is not afraid of experimenting and tries to move forward which is only commendable. Aside from the classical version, they offer a carrier suitable for little babies called Chick (which we tested last summer) and also the huge Toddler version in which, with a strong enough wearer, even a small adult like me could be worn (according to the manufacturer it should fit up to the breathtaking 128 cm!!). Also the hybrid half buckle carriers and wrap conversions (made of the beautiful Russian Mokosh wraps) are relatively new items in their portfolio.

Kokon Komfort is one of these ‘experiments’ – it is recommended for children from 63 up to approximately 100 cm and it should combine the properties of a full-buckle carrier and a mei tai, i.e. it should be simple and fast to tie (like in a full-buckle carrier) while the “buttstraps” should ensure better lateral support mainly when wearing little babies (as in mei tais).

The intent was great, but I must admit that I am not really excited about the execution of this intent. It is possible that my child is too big for me to fully appreciate the buttstraps; however, I do not think that they really have the same function as the mei tai straps which go over the butt and under the knees. These buttstraps are attached in the same place where the back panel and the waist belt are sewn together, i.e. they begin under the bum of the wearie. I was not able to spread them over Emilka’s bottom to be content with it, they were a little loose on the sides (you can see that also in some of the promo photos that the straps do not fit perfectly over the baby’s bottom) and they tended to roll down. I am not sure if these straps really serve their purpose, i.e. if they ensure the support from the sides and therefore if they pose any benefit compared to the classical Kokon for carrying small babies. In my opinion, the Chick version is better in this aspect (even though it is not ideal).

On the other hand, I do not have much to reproach – I will only repeat myself because the construction of Komfort is otherwise the same as of the classical version. I love the wide shoulder straps in carriers but on the other hand I will probably never understand the one-directional buckles in the carriers primarily intended to be worn with the shoulder straps crossed. The soft waist belt was very pleasant to wear for me up to certain weight of the wearie (approximately 9 kg) but as my wearie grows and gradually becomes heavier I prefer hard waist belts more and more (which is, understandably, a very individual matter). I tried to wear Emilka on my back in Komfort once but this one attempt was unsuccessful – I was not able to spread the buttstraps over her bottom which is, in my opinion, a maneuver only an apt contortionist could execute.

Regarding the position of the wearie (22 months/approximately 10 kg and 80 cm in the time of testing), there is nothing to reproach. This time, we used the extenders (when we tested the classical Kokon last autumn, the carrier still fit Emilka fine without using them) and with them (thanks to them?) the ‘M-position’ of her legs was just exemplary, with her knees perfectly high and supported. As far as the recommended size/height range of the carrier goes, I agree with the minimum recommended height (although I personally would not be very happy about putting a baby measuring 63 cm into an adjustable carrier, speaking generally) and the maximum height, too – my 80cm toddler still had plenty of space to grow and the carrier would fit just fine for a long time.

As to the design, this particular carrier is made of the vivid blue fabric with linen, same as the Chick carrier we reviewed earlier. For me, aside from the wrap conversions, indisputably the most beautiful carrier that Kokon offers!

My thanks for the opportunity to test this carrier go to the group Nosíme děti (i.e. ‘We wear our babies’).