Composition: 50 % combed cotton, 50 % linen

Size: 6

Weight: 250 g/m² (counted by us)

Variation of back wrap cross carry with a ring, front cross carry

Attentive readers of this blog must have noticed that I love tsumugi (especially Kenhuru tsumugi) and tussah (again, especially Kenhuru tussah). And I also love Kenhuru merino which is supersoft and does not bite at all. I own a wonderful wooly Wedmid Navy which I bought back when just a few people in the Czech Republic knew about the Polish brand with a kangaroo in the logo. It is one of those wraps I will never sell – it is great, perfect in all the ways you could imagine; every one I lent it to fell in love with it instantly! But this Mr Incredible will never leave our home permanently. Oh-so-soft merino, oh-so-beautiful pattern – perfection!

And then there’s Kenhuru Shevron and Kenhuru linen. Royal Red came to us for testing thanks to the wonderful ‘Mrs Kenhuru’ Daria Lampart who lent it to the Czech Kenhuru fan group. Hereby we want to thank her and the dear administrators of the mentioned group for the opportunity!

Shevron is one of the less showy patterns in Kenhuru’s portfolio. I have already encountered one of these wraps (the blue-turquoise all-cotton beauty still appears in my dreams from time to time 😉 ) but it was not THE love at first sight… However, neither was the minimalist Strillka and I completely changed my opinion after tying it for the first time – the same thing happened with Shevron – its red variant got me to my knees! The marvelous vivid colour of cotton and silky smooth linen – this is the wrap you will feel like a queen when wearing it, its name does not lie!

I already tied a linen Kenhuru before – I tried it for a short while last spring, on a babywearing festival in Frýdek-Místek; it was the first release of the Foxy pattern, the orange First Step. I cannot say I was super-excited about it – no surprise, because this never really happened to me when it comes to this type of linen – not very elastic, slippery and extra-wrinkling one.

Royal Red is, you can guess, similarly not-much-elastic, slippery and wrinkles in the moment you lay your eyes on it. Oh boy, I am reeeally not fond of such wraps! But Kenhuru is always something else! In this particular wrap, the ‘something else’ is the perfectly soft, smooth, cuddly cotton, in my opinion – the cotton the Kenhuru-lovers consider to be one of the best types of cotton in the wrap world ever. To tie a wrap made of this cotton is like to snuggle into velvet cushions, while it possesses the same magic as Vatanai wraps, for example (i.e. it is super-supportive despite its low weight).

Oh yes, it is a slippery beast, but I did not have much problems tying it; tightening went smooth (although it is not elastic as a chewing-gum at all), did not sag or get loose in the carry. I need to say that I use a ring instead of a knot to finish the carries in most cases, no matter how long the wrap is – Royal Red held in the ring just fine and did not loosen; however, it did not feel like a grippy wrap that I would tie with one knot with confidence. The above-mentioned miraculous cotton compensated the low elasticity of linen; Emilka’s 10 kg of weight were nicely spread on my shoulders and even longer wearing was very comfortable.

Anyway, it was a great experience to test this wrap! Although linen is a kind of opposite of the cushy merino and in a way also of the slightly elastic tsumugi, I was very happy to finally properly test Kenhuru linen. Moreover, Royal Red is probably the most beautiful red wrap I have ever seen – and I doubt that there is any other red wrap with such a beautiful colour! As I admitted several times before, I tend to forgive bigger or smaller flaws to beautiful wraps – but there is certainly not much to forgive to this wonderful unicorn. Although it does not fulfill my wrap desires to a hundred per cent, I do not think it would lie idle in our stack, mainly during the summer.

Once again, we want to thank to Daria and the Czech Kenhuru FB group for the opportunity to test this wrap! We are very much looking forward to more Kenhuru testing in the future! 😉

In the end, I need to tell you a little secret. Shevron Royal Red has not been officially released (yet) and does not have official promo pictures (so far). And if you look it up on… Voilà! Yup, you are not mistaken – our photos! 😀 I do not have the slightest idea who uploaded them there; anyway, thanks to this anonym we (this time, by ‘we’ I mean mainly my lovely husband who took these pictures) have the immense honour to see our photos next to the work of such a fantastic artist as Ania Pilip, Kenhuru’s court photographer!