Composition: 55 % tsumugi silk, 45 % cotton

Weight: 320 g/m² declared by the manufacturer, 310 g/m² counted by us

Size: 6

Eyelet carry

One just cannot but love these Polish kangaroos (especially those with silk)! You could have read about my excitement over this brand in the review of Strillka Earl Grey wrap with tussah silk. And when a kangaroo with tsumugi hops around and you have the opportunity to test it, you just go and catch the skipper! What is tsumugi? It is silk of the highest quality; the one that the Japanese use to sew their luxury kimonos from. Moreover, Patria contains a looooot of tsumugi and has this beautiful colour… well, I was afraid that I would not be able to persuade Linda to lend it to me before its rightful owner would claim it back, as in case of Omnifera Morava Hermetic. But, I finally DID persuade her and yes, this is IT!!!

This is actually everything I want in a wrap! It is so soft, just like a velvet blanket – it is basically impossible to describe the unbelievable pleasant tactile sensation. Imagine sand, warmed by evening sun, running through your fingers, caressing and gently rubbing your hand at the same time. Non-stick bubble gum? Something like intelligent plasticine…? Patria is not smooth and slippery at all, as some would expect from a wrap with so much silk – its delicate structure is visible even in the photos; it is a kind of a tender newborn towel – well, not exactly again… How to describe it and not forget a single word to create a complete picture of this PERFECTION?

It is not really a skinny lady – it is relatively dense, the twill is thick and durable; however, this thickness and durability, this is something completely else than the sheet-metal-like consistence of some high-weight wraps (like, for example – oh my gosh, I even hesitate to write this word in an article about such a sweetheart as Patria – Lulunas). Despite being considerably heavy, the kangaroo imposes as a thin wrap at the first glance and first touch! I have no idea where this sorcery comes from, but it is pure heaven!

And to tie Patria? Wrap orgasm! It is slightly elastic, ties itself, the slipperiness/grippiness ratio is perfectly balanced, while it is strong, does not slack and holds in the carry in one knot. Carrying 9 kilograms …? You can guess, just like carrying a tiny newborn! In short, this wrap has everything – it is supportive, easy to tie and durable (of course, one cannot just toss a silk wrap into a washing machine; it is not the most easy-care chap ever from this point of view, but it certainly is not prone to pulls).

Well, well, well… It has ALMOST everything in my eyes… Maybe, I am not patriotic enough but my heart was not touched by the pattern of the Czech heraldic animals, the lion and the eagle, despite being depicted in my beloved ‘origami’ style in the midst of geometric lines (just as my own oh-so-beautiful Kenhuru bears). Patria is the first of the Czech customs from Kenhuru. For those who might not know – a ‘custom’ is a wrap that a group of people order to have designed and woven by a certain manufacturer – they choose the pattern, colour, blends, etc. This is something that the Polish wrap manufacturers are quite fond of doing, same as, for example, the Czech Vatanai. I am almost certain that this particular wrap is a so-called ‘TOAK’, i.e. ‘two of a kind’. Yup, it is unique, but pardon me, the lion looks pregnant and the eagle resembles a sea urchin. To be clear – in my opinion, to make such a pattern really work, the lines would have to be much thinner or the pattern much bigger, but I think neither the first nor the latter solution would be applicable here. Simply said, I find the final appearance of such a complicated motif to be somewhat shallow and unfinished. Now, all those wearers who ordered this custom will hate me! 😀 But Daria can do it much, much better, in my opinion…

Bottom line – if you love tsumugi, there is nothing to think of.  Except maybe for the price; this Japanese guy is no cheap trick, of course. But, that day will certainly come when all the factors will finally meet and I will unwrap my own, cushy, cuddly, wonderful tsumugi Kenhuru…!