Do you remember us praising the Indajani carrier in our August review? At that time, we did not have the slightest idea what the future holds for us … and the Mexican wind brings us! Shortly after the review was published, Erika, a member of Indajani team, contacted us and offered us to test more of their products. Moreover, she implied that they would send something “absolutely exciting”, a brand new product in their portfolio – honestly, we expected a wrap or another carrier, maybe some babywearing clothes … but, in the end, the ocean liner brought us trousers made of wrap for adults and kids in several sizes!

Lenka’s View

Well, how to put this… the ˈharem-pantsˈ style of trousers suit only a tall stick Linda-type women. Add some butt and thighs to the design, in addition my nearly dwarf-like height and you get… well… a dwarf in harem pants! 😀 I felt a kind of resistance to put something like that on; however, I overcame it quite quickly after touching the pants. They are really very pleasant – being sewn, obviously, from handwoven Indajani wraps which are generally quite dense thus the pants are pretty warm and certainly comfortable even in cold and damp autumn weather. For the purpose of photoshoot, I got the M size – I managed to lose some weight in the meantime, however, the pants fit nicely when I put them on right after I got them – therefore I can say the sizes are accurate. Emilka got the smallest size – 2 years – which was naturally quite big for her (currently wearing 74/80 in her 18 months of age). However, as it is possible to tighten the pants at the waist by means of an elastic strip, they are definitely wearable, yet a little bit more baggy (moreover, a bum in a cloth diaper nicely fits there 🙂 ). I suppose the pants could fit an average child until 3-4 years of age, which makes them a truly versatile and adjustable piece of clothing.

I have no objections against the quality of sewing (although I am no needlewoman and I do not mind a sticking thread here and there), except maybe the fact that the expanding bands are really very narrow. This goes for both adult and kids versions (being true even for ˈstick-likeˈ Linda). It is true that my ˈbeefˈ calves never fit into the standard models of long women’s boots, and they certainly do not resemble model’s calves, but I am fortunately so small that I do not need the expanding bands at all and could just pull them down to my ankles (Emilka wore the pants in a similar way). On the contrary, the waist band is quite loose and unless you tighten the elastic strip, the pants are a very comfortable piece of maternity clothing!

The kids version has (contrary to the adult one) very cute pockets on the hips and is decorated by buttons covered with the wrap – I see a little problem here, because Emilka was very interested in the buttons, maybe a little too much – who knows how long will the buttons stay on their designated places … 😉

I panicked a bit when I read “handwash” on the label – but let me tell you a secret … I washed them at 30°C in the washing machine and, surprise, they survived intact. 😉

Linda’s View:

There is no way I would ever think of wearing this type of trousers. 😀 Well, but since their journey from Mexico was so long and Erika is such a nice person, I could neither reject nor resist. Indeed, the expanding bands and the waist band are very pleasant and long. As Lenka already mentioned, the expanding bands are really very narrow – even for my thin calves (the rest of my body is not so thin, but I really appreciate Lenka calling me a ˈtall stickˈ 🙂 ). The pregnant and mothers (not only) shortly after giving birth, who did not get rid of some extra kilos yet, will certainly appreciate the waist band.

Although I really longed for the neutral grey model, the M size did not fit me and even tightening the elastic strip at the waist did not help. In the end, I got the S size which really fits me better. In my opinion, the sizes are rather larger, namely the L size which I would not hesitate to recommend to XL or even XXL ladies.

Helenka is wearing the same size as Emilka – 2 years – and I agree that she will certainly be able to wear them until 4 years of age. The elastic strip at the waist has holes and a button, which makes the pants really adjustable for thinner or plumper kids. However, there is a minor disadvantage as well – there are buttons on the expanding bands which makes it impossible to fold them, only to pull them down. On the other hand, the buttons are very fancy, unless your kid tears them off. 😉

The material is really pleasant and for those, who like this kind of style, it is rather ideal.

You will soon be able to buy these pants in the eshop of Šátkománie, which is the exclusive importer of Indajani brand in the Czech Republic. We hereby thank both companies for providing this hot new product, and our fans can look forward to a small giveaway. Follow our Facebook and Instagram!

Jana’s View:

We had the opportunity to try on the harem pants as well. 🙂 I must say that this is REALLY not my style at all, however, I could not resist and tried them on. And, I absolutely agree with the above-mentioned comment that the expanding bands are narrow – I mean really narrow. While wearing the S size, my calves felt like in a vice; on the contrary, the M size was so large I almost fell out of it. 😀  However, being pregnant I would definitely be all-in – the waist band is a very comfortable thing indeed.

For this review not being only a ladies’ view, I will also add Štěpán’s feelings about the pants – he wears his beautiful blue harem pants of size 4 years, and because he puts them on without complaint, I guess he likes wearing them. And they suit him. 🙂 The pants are nicely cut and fit perfectly – the thing I am most excited about are the expanding bands, which hold tight and prevent the pants from rolling up. Simply an ideal piece of clothing for cold and damp autumn. 🙂 The size is, according to my opinion, quite universal – definitely usable for more than one season. My only negative comment goes to the buttons – they certainly are aesthetically interesting, however, I am afraid that they will soon fall victim to sticky fingers or the stress of fun at a playground.

We hereby want to thank dear Erika and the whole Indajani and Šátkománie team for the opportunity to try these trousers (especially Erika for being so patient with us 😉 ) – it was great to take a break from all the wrap and carrier reviews and to try something new! Thank you very much, we send our hugs over the ocean to the far, far Mexico!