We ˈwonˈ the opportunity to test these hand-woven wraps together in our regional babywearing group in a ˈlikeˈ contest on Facebook – therefore, we want thank not only the Hopities (a.k.a. the Maděra family) but also our dear fellow-wearers that helped us to win the contest and joined the testing!

We already tested one Hopity wrap a looong time ago, basically in the prehistory of this blog (i.e. this March) – it was a beautiful pinkie Dove with cottolin and since we have only the greatest memories of it, we were very excited to test these three unique wraps!

Summer Spirit

Composition: 100% hand dyed mercerized cotton

Weight: 280 g/m²

Size: 7 (5,24 m + 2x 0,15 m fringe)

Back wrap cross carry/Celtic knot finish

Spring Spirit

Composition: 100% hand dyed mercerized cotton + glitter

Weight: 299 g/m²

Size: long 5/shorter 6 (4,52 m + 2x 0,12 m fringe)

Front wrap cross carry

Rain Spirit

Composition: 100% hand dyed mercerized cotton

Weight: 278 g/m²

Size: long 2/short 3 (3,05 m + 2x 0,1 m fringe)

Shepherd’s carry with a ring finish

Hand woven wraps, hmmm…. I have never been the biggest HW enthusiast, even though I own one of these gems – beautiful nameless mercerized cotton Fénix, which is a truly wonderful wrap, in my opinion. However, all my other encounters with HW wraps, be it a ˈbatch-producedˈ Madalo, Indajani and Girasol, or a unique wrap like Namak, were not that exciting for me – I always lacked something in their appearance or tying properties. Therefore, aside from my beloved Fénix, I have not come across a HW wrap that would simply amaze me and I would have to have it in my super-stack, yet.

Speaking about the Hopity wraps, I will write the review about all of them together – I did not notice a big difference between them, although their weights, as declared by the manufacturer, differ a little bit (we did not count the weight of the wraps ourselves this time, because we could not figure out how to count it in wraps with a fringe…).

The burning sparkles of love did not come with these Hopities, either; however, I have to say that the only reason are their looks – the stripes, the fringe and also their colourway are not something I would choose myself to wear. BUT! I fell in love completely and totally with their tying properties! Their weight (or thickness) is exactly the weight I like in wraps – not too much, not too little, usable for little babies but enough to support a toddler. I had no problems with tying the two long wraps (aside from the fact that the Summer Spirit is a bit too long for me and there was always quite a lot wrapping to do) – I suppose that they were not ideally broken-in yet when they came to us for testing; however, their cooperation while tying was A+! Just as practically any HW beauty, they did not slide much (this I have to admit, I really changed my opinion since March – that time I preferred more slippery wraps, now it is something I basically hate in wraps!), tightening was easy and held tight in the carry in one knot only. Carrying Emilka in them was very pleasant, both the Summer and Spring Spirit felt a little elastic in the carry and spread her weight on my shoulders. I really have nothing to reproach – well, only the fact that they remind me of trousers of a circus clown a little.

Now, I will address the Rain Spirit – its ˈtwo-and-a-halfˈ size limits its usability quite a lot, in my opinion. For me, such a wrap is rather a ˈoh look, an ultra-shortie, let’s see what I can tie with thatˈ piece than something I would wear on daily basis. In the front cross carry with a ring, it was really on the edge even with a small 74cm Emilka – I had only a few centimetres of the wrap left in the ring and it was really difficult to find the rims and tie it on my back, moreover with the fringe. Of course, most of us do not carry their toddlers in ultra-short wraps in front, it is not very comfortable generally speaking (and was not very comfy with the Rain Spirit, either), but Emilka does not like to be carried on my back all the time and likes to take her naps where her ˈsourceˈ is. Concerning the back carries, you are also limited to those you do not need ˈa lot of wrapˈto tie – I tried the reinforced rear rebozo rucksack with candy cane finish (that was quite OK) and, as you can see in the photos, the shepherd’s carry with ring finish and I do not think I would be able to finish it with a knot. What a pity – tying properties of this wrap are as superb as of the two longer ones but, in my opinion, other 30, maybe 40 centimetres would do it good….

Our thanks for the opportunity to test the wraps go to Hopity family!