You already know that we made a gigantic Dekka-fest out of the Dekka Summer Tour and tested the total of ten wraps of this brand during summer. Besides the ring slings Plectrum Luka and Tilia Michael, these were some of the wraps we had the honour to try and cuddle with before – Tilia Chris, Plectrum Oli, and Tilia Art. Then, there were some wraps we were less acquainted with – Plectrum Lipa (one of the last wraps from the 2017 collection that were missing in our Dekka-wrap-test diary) and the hot new Tilia IceCream, Plectrum Jane and Plectrum Dory. If you still cannot count to ten – the tenth tested wrap was Elementy Nikos but both me and Linda fell in love with the Greek with big G so deeply that we feel it deserves its own proper photoshoot and a special article! Anyway, when we took the photos of Dory, we decided that these are also too good to be buried in one article with other three wraps – therefore, the story of Dory will follow soon.

Plectrum Lipa

Composition: 77 % cotton, 23 % virgin wool

Weight: 315 g/m²

Size: 6

Back wrap cross carry/Celtic knot

I will not beat around the bush. Lipa is a piranha. The virgin wool bites, scratches, itches, gnaws, nibbles and prickles me and it is able to bite me even through a shirt. So, for me, Lipa is one big no (or maybe better three big NO NO NOs). Such a pity, because the colour is gorgeous! Sorry, my dear turquoise beauty Dory, Lipa is even more beautiful in my eyes – concerning the colour, it is simply my favourite among all the Dekkas.

But it bites.

Oh, boy.

Otherwise, Lipa has everything. The twill is fluffy while it is quite resistant and prone towards pulls in the same way as all the other Plectrums, it is supportive as a bridge crane and cooperates perfectly while tying – slides and holds right in the moment when and where it is supposed to, holds firmly in one knot and feels slightly elastic in a carry as a well-behaved woolen piece. Being quite a thick woolly, it could make a perfect companion for winter (at least for those who are not afraid of a biting lamb).

What a pity we tested Lipa in tropical temperatures; only bare bones were left of my shoulders after the walk in a sleeveless dress.  ? 

Plectrum Jane

Composition: 77 % cotton, 23 % bamboo

Weight: 320 g/m²

Size: 5

Front cross carry

The multicolours are ˈinˈ this season and bamboo is an ideal blend for summer, so it is no surprise Dekka released this limited edition of Plectrum – and it is also no big surprise that Jane was sold out right away.

As all the Plectrums, Jane’s twill is a little bit more dense than the Tilias’ (moreover, this particular wrap we tested was not ideally broken-in yet) but feels quite different in your hand than its relatives – it is also pliable, pleasant to touch, but so soft it almost feels slippery (a feeling I am not really fond of when it comes to wraps). Otherwise, Jane holds up to the high standard of Dekka wraps concerning both tying properties and behaviour in a carry – it is a great piece for toddlers, forgives almost anything when it comes to the technique of tying and the bamboo absorbs sweat really well (but let’s be honest, you cannot expect real thermoregulation and breathability in such a weight – let’s stick with the sweat absorption). However, there was no real spark between me and Jane, mainly because of the colour combination… ?‍♀️

Tilia IceCream

Composition: 100 % cotton

Weight: 320 g/m²

Size: 6

Anne’s carry or something like that

IceCream was not my love at first sight, and to tell the truth not even at the second one. But, the brightly shining flames of love came once I tied it for the first time! For me, it is official, Dekka makes the best high-weight all-cotton wraps ever. These Tilias are soft as candyfloss and fluffy; I can almost feel the super-pleasant cloudy feeling on my shoulders I had with Emilka wrapped in IceCream once again while writing this. Oh my…!

Imagine a wrap that melts in your hands, embraces the little one and yourself as your second skin and caresses you as your own mum’s embrace at the same time, is soft but not slippery, does not feel grippy, however, holds tight in the carry; feels a little bit elastic while holds tight in one knot… That is Tilia IceCream! The only tiny blemish this sweet girl has, as all the Tilias, is that it is quite prone towards pulls due to its loose fluffy twill. However, its colour does not really encourage you to take it out for demanding outdoor hikes, to use it as a blanket or for other not really clean purposes – it is a kind of a showgirl that you would not drag on the ground and would take good care of it somehow instinctively – at least these are my feelings face to face with IceCream.

What more can I say… Even though Tilia is not really the pattern of my heart, every time I see IceCream for sale somewhere, I have to sit on my fingers and hold tight …!

We want to thank our dear fellow-wearers/Dekka-owners for lending us their wraps for testing!