Composition: 50% raw linen, 50% double twisted combed cotton

Weight: 376 g/m² (counted by us)

Size: 5

Reinforced rear rucksack carry, knotless finish with two rings

Ehawee is a Polish high-end brand, founded in 2015 by Justyna Skulska who is (according to what I read on their website) a famous propagator of babywearing and a nature lover. The slogan of Ehawee is ˈBack to the rootsˈ and that is what they stick with when it comes to their wraps – nothing eclectic as to the colourway, pattern or blend. According to the, they have released only 6 patterns so far – some of the more experienced babywearers probably know the ˈCranesˈ and the ˈSeedsˈ pattern, while wraps with other patterns are in minority in Ehawee’s portfolio – and Roots is one of them.

This particular Roots of Life wrap is a group wrap of Moderní nosičky (i.e. Modern Babywearers, Czech FB group) which I hereby want to thank for the opportunity to test it. And what a luxurious group wrap! Firstly, it is really beautiful – I love monochrome, the Roots pattern is one of the few ˈbotanicalˈ designs I like and moreover, the structure of that linen is amazing! At first sight, it seems as if there was lurex in the wrap (aaah…!) and the soft linen, that is just one wrapping delight! Despite the wrap being very thick (the weight counted by us nearing 400 g/m² did not surprise me at all – and yes, tying such a fatty with M-size rings was a beginner mistake 😀 ), it is very pliable. It is also quite hairy (which is something Linda would probably have something not really nice to say about 😉 ) and despite (or thanks to?) the 50% of linen it is sooo cushy and snuggly. The magic of this hairy linen is that even though it seems almost velvet-soft to touch, it is grippy, slides very little and holds in the carry without any problems. Because of that tightening is not that easy but its pliability fully compensates for that. It felt slightly elastic in the carry and I am sure that it could hold up to much more than Emilka’s 9 kilograms.

But the biggest surprise came after I untied the wrap – despite its composition it did not need to be ironed nearly at all! Good quality linen is, in one word, a miracle! And count in the dense and durable twill – I will certainly pay a lot of attention to Ehawee in the future, because these Polish are definitely worth it.