Composition: 60 % cotton, 40 % wool

Weight: 205 g/m² according to the manufacturer, 275 g/m² counted by us

Size: 7

Reinforced front wrap cross carry

No woven wrap manufacturer is such a legend as the German Didymos, founded in 1972 by a mother of four, Erika Hoffmann. The story of Didymos (meaning ‘twins’ in ancient Greek) began a year before that when Erika’s girls, twins Lisa and Tina, were born. Soon after that Erika found the best helper and companion in her traditional wrap from Central America. Do you ever feel like a freak when walking down the street with your baby in a wrap nowadays? Just imagine Erika with her twins almost 50 years ago in a small German village where they used to live!

If you do something for 50 years and you are successful in that and well-known all over Europe, you are certainly doing it right. Didymos is certainly no exception from this rule – all their wraps I have ever held in my hand are perfect in my eyes, in their purpose and category. Their newborn pieces have quite a reputation; for example, the legendary Prima Aurora is basically an etalon of a perfect newborn wrap, while there are many other great skinny wraps with different blends for little babies in this brand’s portfolio. I own one Didymos wrap myself, too – the wonderful Ada Iris; a super-supportive hemp beauty in the most beautiful green colour ever and one of the signature, ethno-inspired ‘didy’-patterns. It is such a pity that they are not really ‘in’ nowadays; however, in my opinion, they are the true ageless classic.

Pfau is another classical Didymos pattern and specifically Junos is almost a wrap grandpa, released in 2012 (by the way, on the Didymos wraps, you can find a tag with the year of their release!). I probably never tied an older wrap than this one and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised that it was still in a fairly good condition. Of course, the wool was already quite hairy, also the declared weight does not correspond with the weight I counted and the wrap is very narrow (only 57 centimetres). It made me think and examine the wrap thread by thread – and no, I do not think the wrap was shrunk, mainly because it is 545 centimetres long.  I will probably never come across the same piece to compare the weight and the dimensions, but my conclusion is that this particular wrap was stretched and shaped into these not really standard measures by the long time wearing.

As I already wrote, Junos has a fine woolen hair which bites me a little bit (but I am a well-known sissy when it comes to potentially biting blends). As to the tying properties and its behavior in the carry, it is a true cuddly darling! Thin, pliable, not too slippery and slightly elastic, just as a good woolen wrap should be. On the other hand, it is very difficult to create a proper pocket with a toddler with a wrap this narrow and I did not even dare to try rucksack-type carries with it. However, we had a good time wearing it with the 10kg Emilka both in the FCC and reinforced FWCC. For smaller babies, mainly during the cold season, this wrap oldie should be a wonderful companion. Regarding the looks, the peacocks are not really my style (I like the subtle Didymos elegant geometry much more), but on the other hand I love green basically in any of its shades!

In the end, I must repeat – Didymos equals quality. And quality is proven by time, just as in case of this particular Pfau Junos. I am convinced that this wrap grandpa will certainly be able of wearing quite a few content wearies in the future!