Composition: 50 % cotton, 28 % linen, 22 % Tencel

Weight: 339 g/m² (counted by us)

Size: 6

Back wrap cross carry sweetheart

Lenka’s View:

Dory is another of the Dekka’s summer ultra-limited editions (according to our information, only a handful of these wraps exist!) – it has a great summer composition, being of gorgeous colour from both sides – one truly has a hard time deciding which side is the better on (which is what I love in wraps!). Well, I have to say I decided quite quickly that I like the turquoise side more… however, the darker multicolour one is not twice as bad… hmmm… 😀

I fell in love with the beautiful bright turquoise colour in Brno at the Grand Babywearing Degustation in June and could not wait to tie Dory again. This particular wrap we tested came to us from its wonderful, greatest and the most amazing owner (whom we thank again a thousand times!!!) practically unworn and not broken-in. And like a good virgin linen girl it scratched, wrinkled and fought me like a lion while ironing. During the testing in the group, I had it in my hands three times in different stages of being (not) broken-in – the last time I felt that Dory became quite a good and compliant girl. Compared to other Plectrum wraps, Dory seems a bit less dense to me, more ˈbreathableˈand light (maybe, it is the Tencel magic), pliable but less soft to touch (the not broken-in linen, of course). All the flaws of the new not broken-in wrap will pass with time and wearing (it was obvious that they were consequently fading during our testing), maybe just the linen-Tencel disposition to wrinkle will stay.

Dory cooperated perfectly while tying – it is simply a Dekka; maybe it was a bit more grippy than I am used to when it comes to Dekkas, however, I like grippy wraps. On my shoulders, it felt cloudy and a little bit elastic, embraced Emilka softly and held tight in the carry even in one knot.

Simply, another Dekka that I love. However, I have to admit that in case of Dory it is partly its wonderful colour what makes make heart beat faster – otherwise, I would probably rank some of its relatives higher.

Linda’s View:

Linda’s view is probably totally different than all the other babywearing world’s and especially hard-core Dekka fans’. I did not fall in love neither with Dory’s colour nor pattern – I have to admit that Plectrum is not my favorite pattern at all, and as far as the combination of blue and blue goes … not that I would be against blue but there is too much blue here, in my opinion.

Concerning the properties, it is a classical Dekka – pleasantly long, very pleasantly wide, and very supportive. Unfortunately, the combination of linen and Tencel makes it quite stiff and harder to work with, while these blends are not particularly soft or fluffy. The wrap we tested surely needed a lot more breaking-in, so I do not want to damn it as a bad wrap but I must say that if it was mine, I would probably sell it right away.

Our immense thanks for letting us test the wrap go to our dear fellow-wearer and wrap-lover Klárka!