Composition: 97% cotton, 3% rayon

Weight: 330 g/m²

Size: 6

Double hammock

There has a been a sort of Dekka-mania among the Czech babywearers on the social networks lately – I have not noticed anything similar happening in any other Czech or foreign wrap-fan group, in fact. The cause of all the exacerbated emotions in the Facebook discussions, whining and on the other hand, hyper-excited jubilation is the manner in which the wraps are sold. All the Dekkas are released as limited editions, 15-20 wraps or so and they are sold via their e-shop. Nothing special, right? BUT – whenever a new wrap is to be released, prepare for mass hysteria, counting down seconds to the exact time of release and frenetic clicking through the virtual shopping cart. The one who clicked faster gets the wrap, the slower ones don’t. Tough luck. Some are fine with this manner of sale, some wish for draws rather than these ‘fast fingers’ events.

As I said, these wraps have become an emotional trigger, both in the positive and the negative way. I am more than happy for Mr and Mrs Dekka that their products are such a success – they deserve every piece of it since the Dekkas are the top of all the tops in their category of affordable toddler wraps. On the other hand, I am quite sad about the universal ‘bad mood’ that divides the Dekka fans into two groups – the ones who ‘clicked fast’ and those who ‘clicked too slow’. Let’s hope this will pass with time and everything will be okay, sweet and sunny again. 😉 Anyway, dear Dekka, I am rooting for you and wish you happy customers only. 🙂

Why do I mention this in the Simplon review? Because Simplon is a ultra-limited edition – only 3 pieces went for sale (the only wrap that was even more limited was Tilia Jura with hemp – I will save the praise for later 😉 ) and there was a draw to purchase these wraps, a bit untraditionally for Dekka. We had the opportunity to test this true wrap unicorn thanks to the group Nosíme děti (i.e. We wear our babies).

When I laid eyes on Simplon for the first time, I realized that I did not properly try a cotton Elementy wrap before (not counting the 5 minutes I had the Elementy Betty ring sling on my shoulder) – those 3 per cent of viscose do not make Simplon a blended wrap in the proper sense of word. I have a soft spot for cotton Dekkas, especially cotton Tilias, and Elementy are closer to Tilias than Plectrums as to their properties.

Simplon is a typical Dekka in all the good ways you can think of. It is very pleasant to touch (no, those are not lumps, but intentional nubs 😉 ), fluffy, cooperating well while tying – I mean cooperating like a cotton piece with the weight over 300; for someone who never held such a wrap in his/her hands before, it could be a bit of a shock. It held tight in the carry, did not loosen in the XL sling ring and on my shoulders, it felt like the classic ‘Dekka cloud’, cuddly and slightly elastic while walking. It was very comfortable to wear Emilka, weighing almost 10 kg by that time. I need to say, after all the Dekka blend excursions (for example Pink Punk with modal, Lily and Caroli with polyester, Luna with viscose or Dory with Tencel and linen), it was very pleasant to go ‘back to basics’.

However, as I told you last time, in the article about the Kavka carrier, the end of the last year and the beginning of this year was a bit harsh as far as my health and my babywearing and testing abilities go. Simplon came to us for testing in the first week of January which was not even 3 weeks long from my surgery. I was not officially allowed to babywear by that time, in fact, but what can you do, with a toddler who thinks of the stroller as her arch-enemy (and I am not talking about the whereabouts of our stroller somewhere in the basement, under several layers of junk) and if cut loose, she does not walk the same direction as me under any circumstances… And take Simplon, such a beauty and such a rare piece! Therefore, it was the first wrap I tied after the surgery – unfortunately, only on my back because wearing in front was not physically possible for me by that time (even now, more than 2 months after the surgery, my scars are a bit sore if I do not take it easy). So I hope that I will encounter Simplon again in the future and will be able to cuddle it properly! 😉

And if you think that I look like suffering a bit in some of the photos, it is not only your impression… 😀