Composition: 77 % cotton, 21 % rayon (viscose), 2 % metallic fiber

Weight: 328 g/m² (counted by us)

Size: 6

Front wrap cross carry, back wrap cross carry with a chest belt

Lindaˋs View:

Dekka Elementy Luna is the second wrap we had the possibility to see, try and shoot (this time, official promo photos) even before its actual release, for which we most heartily thank the ˈDekkasˈ – we really appreciate this opportunity.

Certainly, there is no need to introduce Elementy – it is a beautiful delicate pattern composed of Dekka logos. One side of the wrap is blue – in our opinion quite a ˈboilersuitˈ kind of blue, which gave the wrap its nickname. In case you find the name a bit pejorative, we can use the adjective ˈdenimˈ instead. It is true that Luna wrap combined with jeans is a safe bet, indeed. The other side is slippery with a slight glitter. There is not the classic lurex woven in, the technique is totally different. As I am no weaver, I do not want to lapse into speculation; I will just mention that there are tiny glittery threads in the wrap that does not bite at all. In fact, it is a really interesting combination of colours, which is, on one hand, quite ordinary even boring, on the other hand luxurious thanks to the glitters. Even when the others do not have a clue, you simply know that you are wearing something special.

As far as the properties are concerned, Luna is a slightly different Dekka wrap. The manufacturer started to experiment with yarns and it bears some interesting fruit, although it is still a bit of gamble. I think I do not have to repeat that the wrap is exceptionally long (size 6 is almost 5 meters long) and pleasantly wide (almost 70 centimetres). The wrap makes your hand quite full in a pleasant way, although the knot is naturally bigger, which we are already used to when considering Dekka wraps. The wrap springs only a little – almost does not spring at all, and the blue side ˈsticksˈ. It is no problem for the experienced wearers who, possibly, will not notice this property at all. The silver side is seemingly slippery, but I had no problem with it while tying – I tried tying both sides out on purpose.

The comfort and supportiveness are rather lower – let’s say pleasant for smaller babies – naturally, mainly in comparison with the other Dekka wraps that can carry not only one but even two or three elephants.

Over time, I learned that I like more springy wraps (wool, tussah, etc.) and, unfortunately, Luna does not belong to this category. However, there are very experienced wearers around me who, on the contrary, deliberately seek for these non-springy wraps. Therefore, I do not dare to say anything more about the supportiveness.

Where does the name Luna come from?:

When the wrap arrived for our testing, it did not have a name yet. And therefore I kind of suspected that the ˈDekkasˈ would ask about it, I have been racking my brain trying to think of a suitable name which would reflect the wrap and remain in the ˈDekka styleˈ at the same time. As the wrap is of dark blue colour and has a gentle silver glitter, I started with rather mainstream ˈMoonˈ and ˈMoonshineˈ, but after a while I got to more picturesque and simple ˈLunaˈ. You are probably not very amazed, are you? Well, I will add a funnier story, where also Lenka played her role.

The name Luna has been in my head for some time, however, ˈboilersuitˈ and ˈmetallicaˈ (which was the wrap’s working title in Dekkas’ household) were there as well. I kept thinking about a different name which would reflect the wrap even more precisely. In the past, many wraps got their names after the daughter / son / another member of the family, but Helena did not seem to be that perfect match. Then, I thought of Ruda. My fathers name is Rudolf and he spent considerable part of his life wearing boilersuit. Moreover, it is a four-letters name! Genius!

Lenka came to me and as I shared my brilliant idea with her, she thought for a moment and said: “Well, that is cool! I have an advertising slogan for it! On one side a worker named Ruda, on the other side the treasury of Rudolf, the Emperor!ʺ.

We went ahead and contacted Martin ˈDekkaˈ Škapa. Well, it is hard to say how much amused he was as we talked via Messenger. Nevertheless, Luna stayed Luna and all we can do about Ruda is to write about him on our blog. 😀 Well, maybe Ruda will follow some day in the future!  

Lenka’s view:

It has become a lot harder to review the Dekka wrapslately. First of all, it is usually difficult to criticize anything about them and to pour the same amount of the same praise on them every time? Boring! And now, imagine that the manufacturers ask you themselves – not only to test the wrap. Not even only to test a new, not yet released wrap. But to test a new, not yet released wrap and to shoot the promo! Then, you can probably imagine how precarious this situation is for such reviewers – those reviewers who are as happy as a clam and honoured so deeply that maybe only the Mariana Trench would be deeper. Such situation is, to be honest, quite arduous for a truly independent and auto-censorship-free blog – despite (and because) of the fact Linda and I both really like ˈMrs a and Mr Dekkaˈ, we plan on staying independent and auto-censorship-free.

Luna is probably never going to be mine – mainly because of the fact that it was sold out in bare 12 minutes.  😀  Not that I do not like its looks! The working title ˈboilersuitˈcame from Linda (well, not really surprising, right?); however, from my point of view, Luna’s colour is quite far from the real blue collar workers’ uniform – the colour is darker, not that vivid, more denim-like and in my eyes it evokes the image of a luxurious suit of ˈRudolf the lawyerˈ rather that the image of ˈRuda the plumberˈ in a boilersuit. The silver-grey side is the ˈwrongˈ side for me for some reason – I had the tendency to tie it inwards every time; I have never been really fond of the ˈsparkly-as-a-crystal-ballˈ thing that has been going on in the wrapping world for some time now… Anyway, Luna is so elegant that I was seriously thinking of a possibility to wear it and shine in it at some theatre or a ball with our 16-months-old unguided missile of a child. As you can see in the photos, it is possible to look like a stylish lady with a baby in a wrap, with ˈa littleˈ make-up (and a hat – I have to stress out the hat!) and not like a forest fairy.

Luna is not exactly the wrap that the Dekka-lovers would imagine when you say ˈDekkaˈ – it is not a snuggly, fluffy and cuddly softie that melts in your hands like butter. It is more dense (in fact Luna’s twill is a priori woven more densely than the summer edition of Dekkas), less pliable and a little bit harder to work with while tying. The blue side is the less soft one, I would not say rough or grippy but certainly not slippery. However, the silver viscose side looks slippery at first, but in fact it is not really slippery, at least not what I expected from viscose to be. But I noticed one not that pleasant property – it kind of ˈcreakedˈin my hands (something like teeth grinding 😀 ) but on the other hand it certainly did not slide excessively while tying.

However, the classical Dekka-like fluffy, cloudy, slightly springy feeling on the shoulders did not come in the carry, but this could be expected from Luna considering its consistency. It really is not that pleasantly springy as other Dekkas, but – why not. Some like it hot, some like it cold and some like such firm wraps. Anyway, we had quite a nice time wearing it with my 9kg Emilka, however, for me, Luna is not the prototype of the ˈDekka comfortˈ.

Hereby, we thank Mrs and Mr Dekka again for this opportunity and we are looking forward to trying some of their new wraps in the future very much! ?

The story of the Luna photoshoot:

Linda has always been saying: “Once the time and the wrap is right, once the first offer to shoot a PROMO comes, I have a special secret location in mind for the photoshoot.” That offer came. And reality? We went to a train station for the photoshoot. Yeah, a super secret, Bond-movie-like spot, nobody really knows the place, right…? :DWell, the right wrap has not come yet, I guess.

Both of us, being real ˈmasters of the momentˈ and unplanned actions, we decided to take the photos one afternoon, just at the moment my mother was about to take of the train at the Svinov station. The unplanned action was supposed to happen during the ˈgolden hourˈand my mother was supposed to help us with the photoshoot. As you can imagine, a photoshoot with a toddler, moreover a wild toddler that discovered the magic of walking quite recently, is very adventurous. And it becomes even more adventurous when there is a huge fountain in the ground level, barely secured all around with tiny steel ropes, with many very interesting spouts. Combine it with the fact that the toddler you are supposed to take photos with is a nuclear powered torpedo. The main function of my mum was supposed to be keeping the toddler alive, if possible dry and at least relatively clean and meanwhile to prevent her from eating too many cigarette butts. To be honest, one cannot say that my mother was too excited to do such a job considering she waited for us at the train station for at least an hour before Linda had finished putting about a tonne of make-up on my face and before the right light came. The right light came at last and I began to tie the wrap. I told myself, I would not goof around with some crazy complicated carries and would tie something I was used to tie. OK, BWCC, my ˈpseudotibetianˈfinish, that should do. Linda looked at me strangely, mum looked at me strangely and said: “It looks like if I was trying to tie it myself for the first time.” Oh boy. I untied and re-tied the wrap and Linda cooled my enthusiasm down: “Do not try that hard, I will not take pictures of you from the front anyway.” The reason of all the Linda’s efforts of drawing a brand new face on me…? No idea! OK, let’s shoot already. “What about those shoes??” Linda looked at my Five Fingers with horror. Emilka began to free herself out of the carry, my mum was not trying to help us at all, reading a book. Linda ran back to the car where we forgot the pumps while Emilka was probably trying to kill herself by jumping out of the carry ˈbat styleˈ. I put on the 10cm high heels – after approximately two years of wearing flat shoes and several months of wearing barefoot shoes only. I was instantly dying of pain. Emilka was trying to toss the hat into the fountain and Linda seated me on a ˈstankˈdecorated with pigeon poop. While avoiding sitting on the poop, I sat only on one half of my butt and one of my legs started to tingle. “Do not move! Why are you moving all the time?!” I heard this like a thousand times. It was not me moving, it was the kid on my back, for god’s sake!!! The kid screamed, waved her arms and swayed from side to side in the carry, the carry itself looked like sh.t then, my mother was reading a book and Linda was trying to ˈcatch the lightˈ… 😀 “The T-shirt is POLKA-DOT?!” she asked right after we took the few first okayish photos. Oh yes, Emilka was wearing a polka-dot romper… I changed the carry to the front – Linda told me to prepare “a cool one”, something like Poppin’s, so I tied it and she said it looked weird. OK. Front wrap cross carry. Awkward. So what, I did not care, the kid was not cooperating, my mum was not cooperating, I sweated like a racing horse in that turtle neck and the hat, my trousers were falling down (“these are pregnancy trousers, but the colour is perfect and they are really slim, it will look good, the stretchy part will be hidden under the shirt and the baby”), the make-up slowly melted, my feet were not probably mine anymore… I put the heels down, walked across the whole train station barefoot (yuck) and the photoshoot continued. “Now look like you are going to catch a train!” “Do not look directly at me while walking!!” “I would never employ you as a model!” “Excuse me, where is the fifth platform here?” That was not Linda asking but a woman with Russian accent (there is no fifth platform at the Svinov station so it was quite difficult to explain its location to the Russian lady). Okay then, we were done, photos were taken, it took barely two hours (“That is an embarrassingly short time for a photoshoot!”), we were going home, finally.

Models’ life is hard.

If by any chance you still want to employ Linda as a photographer, go to, OK? 😉