There is nothing to discuss – the Slovaks simply know how to make a carrier.

The carriers from Slovakia, those are not only Moyo, Sestrice, Zumbucca or Lenka, but also BIMBI (spelled in capitals). Bronislava Froncová is the founder of the brand that won ˈThe Most Beautiful Product from a Mom 2015ˈ Award. And, actually, the carriers are all really beautiful – not only the tested piece! I recommend everybody to look at their Facebook page, which is full of beauty and splendour. It is obvious that BIMBI can work with a wrap and its pattern, and use it in a very effective way.

BIMBI is available in two sizes – Mini and Maxi. There is a size chart on the Internet with recommended weight and age, as well as measurements including even the length of the waist belt (a detail, but certainly a wonderful one!). May all the manufacturers of carriers inspire by this! I lack only the recommended height to be absolutely satisfied.

Emilka and I tested the Maxi size. This is recommended for kids from 8 months till 4 years of age / from 9 to 20 kg. Emilka is little – she is 18 months old, something between 75 and 80 cm tall, weighing c. 9,5 kg. The Maxi size fit nicely, although – I could certainly imagine the back panel to be a bit longer in the perspective of assumed growth.

The adjusting is simple – the width of the back panel is regulated by a cord, the height of the back panel is regulated by straps, the buckles on the shoulder straps are bidirectional – hallelujah! The hard waist belt is exactly my cup of tea – wide, slightly body-shaped and very comfortable (at least for me). The only detail I lack is a bidirectional buckle – but I can certainly live without that. The shoulder straps are padded just enough, wearing them in a ˈstandard wayˈ(i.e. not crossed) was very comfortable (although, if the chest buckle was detachable, it would be way better…). The position of the wearie was just right. The tested carrier is made of the woven wrap fabric, i.e.  material woven in the same manner as a proper wrap, usually in plain colour, intended to be used for wrap conversions, for example as an inner layer of the back panel when there is not enough wrap. Despite this type of fabric being a little bit more tough and less pliable than a ˈreal wrapˈ, the BIMBI’s back panel embraced and supported Emilka nicely.

Let’s talk about the looks of the carrier now. It is simply gorgeous! I just like folk motifs (as does BIMBI – just look at their Facebook page and you’ll see). The embroidered turkeys are simply perfect! The motif is witty; however, the carrier is still elegant and could look good even on a man, in my opinion. The black wrap fabric is practical (although, as I wrote above, it is quite tough – I think it is a kind of a compromise between a real soft wrap and a canvas). The whole carrier is nicely sewn, with attention to detail, from high-quality materials. And the icing on the cake – a detachable pocket-bag for odds and ends placed on the side of the waist belt (finally someone understood it is poorly accessible when placed under the kid’s bum).

I have nothing to reproach – in my opinion, BIMBI is simply one of the best carriers!