It is no secret that Linda and I love Angel Wings babywearing clothes as you could have read in our article we published last autumn. This year, they also offer hot new items for pregnant and breastfeeding mums and we were very excited about the opportunity to try two of them on.

“Angora” wrap cardigan

Material: 80% polyester, 15% viscose, 5% spandex

Size XS

Lenka’s View:

Is this a vegan cardigan for real? I would never guess that after touching it for the first time and I would rather thing that there is some noble sheep hidden in it – it does not feel like made of artificial material at all and feels very pleasant on bare skin. It is a little bit hairy and unfortunately tends to develop lumps, mainly in the most exposed places but that is not surprising about this type of jersey.

The cut of the cardigan fits me wonderfully – I love to wear it even without a wearie; the XS size fits my S-size figure very well (the material is very, very elastic), it is elegant and the wrapping hides what you want to hide and draw attention to what you want to show. In my opinion, it is a perfect solution for those wearers whose wearie is already an apt walker – therefore, if the wearie cuts loose, you do not need to hide the babywearing insert and the cardigan still looks great and like a regular piece of garment (meaning one would not guess it is a babywearing cardigan at all at the first sight).

As I already mentioned, the cardigan is very elastic (thanks to this wonderful property, you do not need to wear it backwards when wearing on your back – you just put it on in the “regular direction” over the wearie on your back and it just stretches enough around both of you 😉 ) – BUT! It does not tend to become saggy over time at all! I wear it a lot, with a wearie or without her, already over a month and despite repeated laundering it has not changed its shape by an inch – which is, speaking from my experience, almost unbelievable!

And the main thing – despite the absence of the above-mentioned sheep, it is very warm and will keep you comfy and cosy both in winter as an inter-layer under your jacket or as a single layer in the cool mornings and evenings. And if you still feel cold around your neck, you can buy a separate neck protector from the same material. 🙂

Linda’s View:

Babywearing has become quite a rare pastime at our home during the last few months – therefore, I bought the cardigan to wear it “pretty” and primarily without a wearie. I simply adore this shade of pink and I was sure that it would look great without a wearie – and in case of a second wearie on the way, I would still have something to wear (because I already sold every other piece of babywearing clothes I owned).

We already know AW and their sizing – therefore Lenka and I, we both chose size XS and it was a good choice. Although we usually wear size S/M, this XS cardigan fits us perfectly and it even hides Emilka’s legs which is kind of amazing considering she is already two years old. All in all, we recommend to buy a size down than you usually buy.

As Lenka already mentioned, the cardigan is very soft, pleasant to touch and almost unbelievably elastic. You can also choose different styles how to wrap it and tie it – for example, on your hip or in the front.

And during these hazy days, I really appreciate the warm, cosy feeling it provides. For me, this cardigan will be an indispensable companion for cooler summer evenings or rainy days. 🙂

PS. It also looks great on pregnant mums!

Nursing top

Size S (Lenka), XS (Linda)

Material: 95% viscose, 5% spandex

Lenka’s View:

I always say that I do not need special nursing tops because basically everything that does not have a turtleneck can serve as a nursing top for me (yup, harsh reality of a long-term breastfeeding mother who lost a lot of weight… 🙁 ). This top, however, is an exception – its cut is great (I love this type of neckline), the colour is great, the material is very pleasant and same as the cardigan, it does not shape after frequent laundering. The S size fits me so well that I like to wear this top even in situations in which I do not have the opportunity to use it for its original purpose, i.e. breastfeeding (I wear it to work, for example 😀 ).

When speaking about nursing tops, I usually do not prefer this “down under” type and I habitually “pull over”. And again, this top is an exception. It just fits so well and the length of the layers that create the “nursing hole” are in perfect balance – the overlap is not too long, not too short (and at the first sight, it is actually not very visible), so even I, a stubborn “pull-over-the-neckline” breastfeeder pull “from down under”. 😀 The only thing I actually have to reproach is that there are so few colour variants and that there is no long-sleeved model in AW’s portfolio. It is simply one of my favourite pieces in my closet and therefore I would like to buy it a sparing partner. 😉

Linda’s View:

I was very excited when I found out that Angel Wings started to offer nursing clothes! This is what I missed in the brand’s portfolio for so long! I suspected it would be great and the material and overall quality would be TOP as I am used to when it comes to AW – however, despite my high expectations, this top managed to surprise and please me even more! When I saw the composition of the material I did not know what to expect, to be honest – viscose and spandex? No cotton? But it still looks like a normal T-shirt in the pictures (?).

It is smooth, feels cool on skin, very elastic and slightly shiny; I got complimented on it several times how well it looks. Although it is an “ordinary” top, its cut and neckline and the material it is made of make it look somehow more elegant, it holds its shape and does not look like a nursing top at the first or the second sight. I even dare to say it almost looks like a business top.

I was a bit less pessimistic in case of the top and chose the S size, but I exchanged it for the XS size – the S size top seemed quite loose around the waist (it is possible to wear the top even in pregnancy).

The only things that would make me even happier would be a wider choice of patterns and being a little bit longer. 🙂