Composition: 87 % cotton, 13 % merino

Weight: 322 g/m²

Size: 4

Front cross carry with a ring

Today we reached very deep into our review archive – Emilka was barely one year old when we tested this wrap!

Woven Wings, founded by three designers, babywearing moms and consultants Alaina Williams, Sarah Condry and Christina Mitchell, is one of the most well known British high end brands that emphasize the quality of the used materials, their ethical origin and local production. The first wraps were released in 2013 which makes it one of the most traditional woven wrap manufacturers in Europe. These triangles are probably one of the less known WW designs (their droplets, leaves, Geo Floral or simple geometric Geo patterns are far more popular with numerous releases – in contrast, there are only three “triangle” wraps). To be honest, at the first sight I thought it was one of the Ankalia Mako wraps.

After Omnifera Inception 015, Macbeth was one of my first encounters with a high end wrap – but it was a completely different encounter. Inception was very thick but Macbeth, on the other hand, was rather thin although the declared weight does not seem so. Unfortunately, I was not used to measure the wraps myself that time, but I would estimate its real weight way below 300 – you can judge yourselves how “much” of the wrap there is in the L-size ring in which the wrap did not hold at all and I had to retighten the carry from time to time (or just compare it with Dekkas with the weight that is comparable to its declared weight – these are very, very different wraps).

I did not feel the merino in this wrap at all (well, there is not much of it in the wrap anyway), but it felt quite warm wearing it in the cool spring weather. It was pleasant to touch and I had no problems tying and tightening it. As to its grip, it was well balanced in my opinion, not too much, nor too little and it held in one knot or in the M-size ring just fine, while being slightly elastic in the carry. Concerning how supportable this wrap is, I cannot really say – Emilka weighted about 8 kg in her 11 months of age and it had to be a very bad wrap or carrier that time that I would consider really uncomfortable. However, I was able to carry her in this carry which is not generally very supportive and comfortable for several hours without any problems. Count in that it is not prone to pulls whatsoever thanks to its relatively dense weave and summed up, you should get a virtually perfect wrap…

But – for me, it has one really big flaw. It it crazy narrow – and when I say crazy narrow, I mean it. I measured bare 55 cm – a child bigger than 74 cm is very hardly wrappable in such a narrow piece, not only in one layer carries such as the rucksack, but in multi-layer carries, too.

However, it is beautiful. So gorgeous that I would forgive it a lot of things (although there is not much to forgive except to the “width”), but if I wanted to use it for a toddler and not a really small baby, it would be rather annoying for me – despite the fact that in my eyes, it is one of the most beautiful wraps I have ever had the honor to try on.

Hereby we want to thank it owner of the wrap for lending it to us for testing!