Composition: 100 % cotton

Weight: 236 g/m² (counted by us)

Size: 6

Reinforced front wrap cross carry

Mum’s Era – another babywearing brand about which I was not able to find basically any relevant piece of information. The only thing I know is that it is (was) a Russian manufacturer – no official website, no official Czech distributor (the only one selling Mum’s Era wraps closed down at the end of 2017). And according to, the last wrap was released in 2016. What a pity, some of their designs are SO beautiful…

Nordik Olive has a very interesting twill and structure – it is plastic, a kind of rough to touch. Certainly, it is not one of those beauties you are stunned by at first sight and your knees go weak right away. I would not go that far as one of our fellow babywearers who said the wrap looks like a communist-era towel (not that she was, to be honest, that much wrong), but after I opened the box I could not decide whether I liked or disliked the wrap. I like green, I like simple patterns, I LOVE wraps with interesting twill… but it is not MY kind of green from either side… neither from the darker ˈoliveˈ one, nor from the lighter, more yellowish one (which I prefer, by the way). Anyway, I have to admit that the wrap looks very good and interesting in a carry that shows both sides of the wrap (that we were not able to manage because the little model fell asleep as a true overworked toddler when we got to the site of the photoshoot 😀 ).

Aesthetics aside – as I already said, Olive is a bit rough to touch, which is due to its twill. The twill is dense; however, made of teeny weeny threads that are quite loose in particular places of the pattern – these are the ˈlocus minoris resistentiaeˈ and the pulls are a real pain in the, ehm, bottom to repair. The wrap is broken in through by through after all the time it has been travelling around for testing, well cooperating while tying, not slippery at all, on contrary – very grippy and did not move an inch in the carry. I like grippy wraps much more than the slippery ones, but Olive was grippy a bit too much – it even scratched my skin a little bit which was not very pleasant. On the other hand, when I counted its weight I was pretty surprised – I thought the weight would be around 260 or 270 g/m² – maybe, it is the effect of the specific twill? Anyway, this all-cotton skinny is surprisingly supportive and is able to carry much more than it seems. We wore the wrap for a half-day trip to zoo with 9kg Emilka and it was OK in a multi-layer carry; however, in a single-layer carry Olive was not supportive enough and my shoulders felt sore in a short while.

In conclusion – an interesting wrap with interesting twill and surprisingly supportive considering its low weight. It could serve as a good universal wrap for most of the babywearing years.

My thanks for the opportunity to test this wrap go to the group Nosíme děti (i.e. We wear our babies)!