Composition: 64 % Egyptian cotton, 36 % lyocell (Tencel)

Weight: 280 g/m² prewash

Size: 6

Front wrap cross carry

Lenka’s View:

Florentine is a relative newbie in the Moisha family – and I was particularly curious to try this one, with Tencel. I generally like Tencel (material similar to viscose) as a blend in wraps – usually, it does not require much breaking-in, it is relatively easy-care, makes the wrap ˈlighterˈ and gives it thermoregulatory properties while you do not get the squeaky-slippery feeling as in case of some artificial materials.

Although this Nile beauty has a quite dense weave (and therefore does not seem prone to pulls whatsoever, yay!), it is not tough at all. It slides just enough while holding perfectly in the carry and in one knot. It fit in my hand just perfectly, I did not have the feeling of the wrap being ˈtoo muchˈ or ˈtoo littleˈ to hold. It was very pleasant to wear, it felt slightly springy, but no too much, again. However, it is true I did not try it on bare skin – it seems a little bit rougher to touch (not in the ˈsandpaper-roughˈ sense, not at all – just that it is not as smooth as velvet) so someone with sensitive skin could complain about it. As far as the functional properties go, I really have nothing to reproach, just the same old boring praise again. 😉

Regarding its looks, this renaissance Italian did not really capture my heart at first, but I must admit it looks very handsome in the carry. In its category, it is  one of the best summer wraps I have tried so far, indeed!

Linda’s View:

I was pleasantly surprised by this Moisha piece. It was a pleasure to tie it, its pattern is delicate and elegant and the violet-blue colour is quite unusual. I would definitely recommend it for summer, but not as a toddler piece – I estimate that the 9,5 kilograms that Helenka weighed by the time we tested the wrap was the upper limit above which this wrap would not be very pleasant to wear. An experienced wearer could use it for a little baby without any problems, too.

We hereby want to thank our friend Hanka for letting us try the wrap.