Composition: 100 % combed cotton

Weight: 270 g/m²

Size: 6

Double hammock/candy cane chest belt

Lenka’s View:

Lolita came to us for a breaking-in visit – almost new and therefore stiff as we are used to concerning the Luluna’s all-cottons. However, with the weight of 270 g/m² I thought there could be some hope for it to become a cuddly and snuggly sweetheart. Well, we were not able to achieve this during its stay with us. I am quite curious about how it is going to feel like when (if) it is fully broken-in. I would consider Lolita to be of a much higher weight in the state we tested it – I think it was its toughness what caused the feeling of having ˈtoo much of a wrapˈin my hands. The twill is dense and absolutely not prone to pulls which makes the wrap an ideal candidate to be killed and reborn as a carrier, in my opinion.

It is quite obvious, from what I wrote above, that Miss Lolita did not cooperate very well while tying – especially tightening was difficult; I struggled with it like with no many wraps before. It held firmly in the carry and the carrying itself was quite comfortable.

As to the looks, Lolita is a very elegant lady; however, only from the front side – the wrong side is just ‘wrong’, not pretty and not worth showing off from the first sight. To be honest, this is the main and deciding factor why I would not buy the wrap.

We hereby want to thank our dear friend Bětka for letting us to be her in-breakers! 😉


Linda’s View:

I have become a sort of a ˈbreaking-inˈexpert. I tie wraps quite often, 3 or 4 times a day, usually when I want to put Helenka to sleep (yup, it takes several tries). She resists being worn quite strongly from the moment she learnt to walk – so several hours long walks are long over. However, my desire to touch and wear a sling or two is not gone at all and this is how I fulfill my wrapping heart’s wishes. And that is how Lolita came to us.

My experience is that every wrap that spends a week or two of this tying marathon in our household leaves it in a much better condition – i.e. softer and more pliable. Well, what can I say? Lolita did not change at all! And we were not the first courageous wearers who tried to contain her. What a pity, dear Lolita…

The wrap was tough, not pliable at all, very hard to work with. This is the one piece about which you can really say that it stands in the corner by itself. I want to believe that it will change in the future, but frankly I am losing hope. I did not really like the pattern either – no charm, no offense. I share Lenka’s opinion, I would not hesitate to cut it for a carrier.

And now, when I got to know the real weight, I am quite in disbelief – the wrap feels like being at least 350 g/m² to me!


Bottom remark: You probably noticed that this is one of our ˈbottom shelfˈ reviews, thanks to the photos. 😉 In the meantime, Lolita travelled almost all around the babywearing world (well, at least our local babywearing world) and guess what happened? Nothing. Like, at all. This is a wrap that basically could not be broken in! Tough, not pliable, not pleasant. And as far as we know, this particular one has already been murdered and converted into a carrier. Serves it right!