Composition: 100 % cotton

Weight: 320 g/m²

Size: 6

Norwegian wiggleproof back carry

We already talked about Luluna and its high-weight all-cotton wraps (ehm, pieces of sheet metal 😉 ) here. Meanwhile, we tied and tested several of these wraps (well, maybe more than just ˈseveralˈ – I estimate the number being about 20). And, to be honest, yes, it IS as bad as the legend says. 😀 Luluna’s all-cotton wraps with the weight over 300 g/mor so are better to be cut to pieces being a great material for wrap conversion carriers – beautiful, original and, first of all, basically indestructible carriers. Well, some wraps are not simply born to be wraps but to be converted to a carrier right away. Can you guess what wrap is my own carrier made of? You have three guesses. Or 296 guesses because that is the number of wraps that Luluna have released so far.

This dragon lady had the same infamous fate right after our photoshoot – Linda actually bought it with the intent to have it cut and converted to her own unique, original RooBaby carrier. However, I wanted to give it a try and tie it at least a few times before its certain death. I have to say that it was getting a little softer after each tying and, maybe, if we had tried hard with Emilka and worn it for a month or two, it could have become a quite nice and soft charmer.

But to be really honest – as every brand new high-weight all-cotton Luluna, i.e. so stiff that it could stand in a corner just by itself (for those who still have no idea – image the stiffness of freshly laundered jeans), Dragona was a real pain in the neck to tighten but did not move an inch in the carry and as a real hard-worker would certainly be able to carry even a considerably heavier toddler than the 9kg Emilka. However, I cannot judge by hundred percent – the wrap was brand new and not broken-in at all; I can only estimate. And, I estimate that Dragona is one of those Lulunas that have a chance to become a fairly wearable wrap (unlike one of my used-to-be-own and now-converted-to-a-carrier Geo Deer wraps with the weight of 360 g/m² that I was not eager to tie even after it had been travelling around our local babywearing group for testing and breaking-in for roughly 3 months).

I have to go back to the fact how beautiful Dragona is – the colourful dragon scales on dark blue background are very elegant, the colour gradation from blue to vivid fuchsia is just gorgeous; the scales are a little bit plastic and create an interesting structure on the wrap. One who falls in love with Dragona and does not mind sleeping on the wrap, braiding it and wearing it to the moon and back, could be very happy with it. Moreover, the twill is super-dense and super-thick – typical of such Lulunas, so durable that, in my opinion, it is more probable that it would self-ignite and burn in a brightly shining fire than that it would let out a single pull!

But there is one big BUT – being the quality of the twilling. Luluna sells quite a lot of 2nd grade wraps, not that it is something I would be against, but at the same time many wraps they claim to be 1st grade come with multiple and considerable flaws! These are not only unique cases – in my opinion, it is harder to find a Luluna wrap without any flaws than to find a flawed one; from all the ˈ1st gradeˈ Lulunas I had in my hands only a sad minority of wraps were really 1st grade. Even this particular Dragona that was supposed to be 1st grade had about 40 skipped threads, several knots and even one torn thread! The manufacturer usually acknowledges the flaws and returns the difference between the price of the 1st and 2nd grade, but let’s be honest – to claim such a wrap to be first grade, what a shame! Moreover, considering that these ˈbasicˈ cotton Lulunas’ retail price plus shipping is cca 3000 Czech crowns (about 115 Euro with shipping to the Czech Republic being 16 Euro) – for roughly the same price you can buy a first-class cotton wrap such as Dekka or Loktu She. Luluna simply sins on its original designs that are loved by so many people who are willing to pay that money even for a poor quality wrap. It is kind of sad, but reality. After all, I am one of those people, too – and if, by any chance, someone does not believe me, I could show them close-up pictures of such ˈ1st gradeˈ Luluna myself. Anyway, this one will become an exquisite carrier, too, one day! 😀