Composition: 71% long-staple cotton, 29% merino wool

Weight: 360 g/m²

Size: 6 (very long 6, as with the other Loktu She wraps)

Reinforced rear rucksack, Front wrap cross carry tied under bum

Lenkaˈs View:

Adriatic is one of the beauties which actually belong to me. It does have its faults but I still love it with all my heart.

The Motion pattern is the most beautiful of all Loktu She patterns, regardless if we talk about the pinkies (Love Motion) or the sea dogs (Sea Motion). Adriatic (cotton + merino, blue weft) is not alone in our household – there is also his cousin Isolda (cotton + Tencel, white weft); Linda has Caribic (cotton + Tencel, white weft). I also had the chance to touch the other relatives – romantic Tristan and sea Baltic (cotton, black weft). The only one I am still missing is Adriaticˈs twin-sister Juliet (pink weft), but I will continue looking for it, at least for a photo.

Relating to its appearance and to its softness, Adriatic wins by miles (Miss Isolda will certainly forgive). It came to us shorty after Christmas as almost brand new, just a few times tied orphan – tender, beautifully soft with no need of breaking-in. Although it certainly belongs to the category of thick wraps, one does not have the feeling that it is too thick – it is just enough for oneˈs hand. It tightens perfectly, slips just right and holds tight in the carry. It also springs gently when you move and keeps you warm in winter – I almost feel like it purrs like a kitten by a fireplace. I cannot feel Emilkaˈs weight on my shoulders even after a few-hoursˈs walk (although I must admit that 7,5 kg is almost no weight; my baby is just ideal for carrying).

Unfortunately, Adriatic is a delicate boy, a little critter prone to pulls (sadly, exactly the merino ones whose repairing drives me crazy). It is of some interest to note that Isolda with the same weave only different composition is far more resistant – just like a farmer from Siberia.

Wrapped baby – Emilka, 9 months/7,5 kg, 70 cm

Lindaˈs View:

Adriatic is a big beauty, although Caribic is still my favourite Motion in terms of appearance. It is a proper fatty designed for heavier toddlers, however it does not mean that it cannot handle a little baby. Personally, I have a soft spot for the wraps containing wool – it is one of my favourite blends, especially when you can put it into the washing machine. It ties well, although it makes your hand full, but I believe that even an inexperienced wearer can manage it well. Unfortunately, my ultra-sensitive shoulders do not get on well with it. I had problems after a barely hour-long walk. Perhaps, my expectations were bigger after reading all those odes on the Internet. However, I am an extreme I believe – do not be discouraged 🙂

Wrapped baby – Helenka, 12 months/c. 9 kg, 80 cm