Composition: 49 % merino TEC (total easy care), 51 % combed cotton

Weight: 270 g/m2 post-wash

Size: 6

Double hammock with saltwater finish


Simply sperms. I cannot see anything else in it and I am surely not alone :). Moreover, I managed to tie the wrap upside down so it really looks like a flock of sperm rushing upwards. When looking on our photos, probably nobody would recognize the pattern of falling raindrops, indeed.

Moving on, away from the sperm-pattern … I truly love Loktu She merino wraps (especially when they are blue). They are soft, easy to tie, holding tight in the carry, and despite not an exorbitant weight, they are capable of carrying even heavy toddlers comfortably. Only just this particular piece slightly bit me (which is weird because my own beautiful and loved Adriatic is smooth as a blanket for a newborn).

Another thing I have to highlight is the fact that the wrap circulates among testing wearers for quite a long time already (it is the third round now!) and it still looks like just freshly made! I found no single pull; certainly, I was washed for several times and it is not shrunk at all. Can a woolen wrap be so resistant? Apparently, it is possible!

My thanks go to the Facebook group Moderní nosičky (i.e. Modern Wearers) for providing the wrap for testing (and also for the courage to send off a merino wrap)!