Composition: bio cottolin (60% cotton, 40% linen), weft: 100% hand dyed mercerized cotton

Size: 4 (3,7m)

Reinforced rear rebozo rucsackwith CCCB (candy cane chest belt)

Tested with Emilka, 10 months old / 7,5kg / 70cm

Our local babywearing group fought hard for the opportunity to test this wrap, our main ˈenemiesˈ being the babywearing mums from Pilsen, who very probably have considerably more active and ˈsocial-network-addictedˈ husbands, grandmas, and large extended family as it was no problem for them to collect far more ˈlikesˈ than any other group and rolled over us all like a bulldozer. However, it’s not the winning, it’s the taking part that counts – and thanks to taking part our group was chosen as the second one, hurrah! To be honest, we won by a landslide, in fact – the wrap came to us beautifully broken-in, not in the loom state.

Well, let’s have a look at the dove. It is a very pleasant, rather a thin shortie (of course, in the category of hand-woven wraps it is thin, otherwise more of medium-thick) which really surprised me when I saw it live – the colours are definitely more beautiful in reality than in pictures. It is easy to tie, I did not feel the cottolin at all – it is nicely soft, the tightening went without any problems; it practically does not slip at all, which is quite typical of HW wraps (I kind of dislike this feature, but what can I do? – after all, it is a HAND-WOVEN wrap, which is almost sacred, isn’t it? 😀 ), the knot is nice and small and holds tight. When I tied the Pirate Carry, the wrap did a great job; unfortunately, we did not have the opportunity to go outside, so we just tested it at home for putting Emilka to sleep – in this respect, the wrap works really well, despite being relatively very thin it did not hurt my shoulders at all. For our walk, I chose the Double cross carry with a sling ring – unfortunately, the wrap loosened a little in the ring while I was moving, I managed to tie a knot under Emilka’s bum practically on the fringes; however, it was not really comfortable, yet I survived and the carry held in place. It was not like I did not feel my shoulders after half an hour, but I think the wrap is not a priori designed for front carries (we were not able to test outside for some considerably longer time due to current smog situation – well, you know, the fresh air in Ostrava 😉 ). As far as the appearance is concerned, I would gladly give up on the dark-brown side and the beige stripe in the middle of the wrap (otherwise, the colours of the wrap are beautiful); neither the fringes became the love of my life – maybe, I am not a real Indian. All in all, the wrap is pleasant and easy to work with, the colours are gently girly.

Well… what about a hand-woven shortie for the summer? Hmmmmm? 🙂