Composition: warp cotton + glitter, weft linen

Weight: 384 g/m² counted by us

Size: 8 (586 cm)

Back wrap cross carry, Celtic knot finish

We have not published a review of any hand woven beauty for a shamefully long time – last time it was about two beautiful NAMAK wraps (April 2019) and just a few weeks before that two wraps from Martina Diviak, a Czech-German weaver who weaves the wraps under the brand of HamaMama. But that does not mean I did not try any other HW wraps in the meantime – I had the opportunity to tie several of these unique gems, from Hopity, Honu, NAMAK, Solerin, AnnaTká, Fénix, Hoja, Indajani or Rainbow Frog and, of course, numerous Madalo wraps in different types of weave. It will take some time, but we will publish articles about them in the future, too.

Since the first time I held Martina Diviak’s wraps in my hands for the first time, I have been watching HamaMama’s Facebook closely, in awe the wonderful vivid colours (often as vivid and shiny as a highlighter), so typical for this brand. Sorella Fortuna’s colours (one of the wraps’ I tried last year) were pastel and very delicate, but this one, compared to it, is a total explosion of neon colours – beautiful, sparkly and luxurious at the first sight!

In other aspects, these wraps do not share much – what is very similar is that all of them are very long. Sorella was a perfect size 7, the “pink camo” was an extremely long size 8 (over 6 metres) and this neon piece is something in the middle. But while Sorella was smooths and soft and despite its considerable weight very fluffy and cuddly and the pink camo was almost slippery smooth and relatively thin, this wrap is completely different. It is quite rough to touch and very thick – I must admit I was in a bit of a shock when I touched it for the first time.

But it is not touch or too little pliable at all – although it is a truly heavy piece of a wrap and it takes some effort and strength to tie it (moreover it is quite grippy and not very elastic – at some point you need to pull quite a lot when tightening it), it holds in the carry as if there was glue in it even with a heavy, hyperactive toddler! What made me a little bit sad is the fact that I realized that with my overgrown child a size 7 wrap is no longer enough for this carry for me and ever this long size 8 was almost too short, how sad… 😀

Hereby we want to thank the dear weaver for the opportunity to test another gem from her loom! Honestly – hats off to her; not many weavers organize official tester tours of their wraps (I personally encountered only Hopity and Honu as official testers sent by the manufacturer, aside from HamaMama) – considering the retail of HamaMama wraps, hats off to her courage twice that much. I think it is quite a pity that more weavers do not have this courage because, speaking from my experience, “ordinary” babywearers otherwise have very few opportunities to test hand woven wraps (and realize how wonderful they are) while most of the HW wraps remain in a fairly closed HW-fans community. And this particular wrap was so praised and admired by all the testers in our babywearing group that even some of them asked me where they could get a wrap like this!