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Angel Wings Babywearing Clothes

Lenka’s View: I think I would not lie if I said that Angel Wings are considered to be the absolute top Czech brand of babywearing clothes - whether you talk about the design, top quality of the materials and sewing, or the extent of their portfolio which includes also products for babywearing dads and [...]

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Iw design 2in1 Hoodie

Iw is pronounced [i:ve], not [elˈwi:]! :D Iw as Iw (Ivana) Řezníčková who created these wonderful hoodies. Aside from hoodies, Ivana and her team also sew babywearing jackets and pockets, pregnancy and also ˈnormalˈ non-babywearing clothes (while they also offer clothes for babywearing dads and non-babywearing men!) and they even manufacture dog collars, all [...]

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Loktu She Babywearing Clothes

Babywearing Hoodie Size: M Lenka’s View: I must admit right at the beginning that I am a bit spoiled by my own wonderful, custom-made babywearing hoodie and therefore I find very few things to be as wonderful… Loktu She hoodie is simply, ehm - ordinary, compared to my own one. It is sewn very [...]

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